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kings camps?

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Empress Fri 13-Feb-04 19:15:30

Not sure this is the right place, under 'education' but..has anyone used Kings Camps for summer holiday activities? They've changed their name, removed the word 'sport', & I'm considering it for our non-sporty but v active child. Would like some other views if anyone has any experience? Thanks

MABS Sat 14-Feb-04 18:06:02

Personally always use 3D Adventure Summer Camps -my dd loves them. Don't know about Kings though...

Sid Mon 16-Feb-04 13:30:47

My ds has done Kings Camp in Bristol and really enjoyed it. He does love sport, but it seemed to me that quite a lot of it is team games and play, which would appeal to any active child.

rosiesmumof4 Mon 23-Feb-04 10:55:27

Haven't used them myself but most of my friends use them regualarly. however not sure they would be the best choice for a non-sporty child as they are more or less totally sports orientated.

Sonnet Tue 24-Feb-04 11:05:15

I've used them a few times and can recommend them as very safe and full of fun...Do seem sport orientated though but there are more "games" for the younger ones.

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