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Reigate area schools?

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shanghaismog Mon 02-Sep-13 12:21:35

We will be relocating to the UK (from overseas) and I'm trying to get my head around where to live to have the best chance of securing places in decent state schools. Private would be a stretch for 2 kids, so hoping we can go state.

We like the look of the Reigate area, to commute from Redhill/Earlswood into London Bridge. That said, we really don't know the area at all...

We will most likely need school places for Jan for yr 2 and yr 5, so I know we'll be allocated whatever happens to be available at the time.

For next year's application for secondary, do we just need to focus on staying well within the last year's furthest admittance distance? So, last year for Reigate School it was 1.4ish miles (I think), does that mean everyone who applied from within that distance got a place? What about the child's nearest school thing? If, for example St. Bede's or Warwick were closest school but we were still within the 1.4ish miles (or whatever it was in the given year) and applied to Reigate school would we get in or be automatically allocated closest? We will rent for the first year, so do have flexibility on location thankfully. I'm just trying to find out how far we can push it.

Primaries, I guess it's a case of taking what we can get. It seems, from what I can glean online that there's a serious north/south divide going on both in schooling and living on the right side of the tracks. We should have an address by the time of junior school applications in Jan, so I guess we can apply elsewhere if we're close enough for my youngest for yr 3 and up. It'll be a while before we can get over to have a look around, so I'd be eternally grateful of any local opinions on schools (particularly Sandcross & Dovers Green) and places to live/avoid.

Pixiedust1973 Tue 08-Oct-13 16:37:15

Only just seen this thread. Too late it seems. We relocated to Reigate about 20 months ago & my youngest went to Sandcross school. Cannot speak more highly of it. My eldest got into Warwick in Redhill because we moved mid year. Again, cannot speak more highly of Warwick. It has a historic bad reputation & there is some snob factor because of where it is & it's intake, but anyone with kids that actually go there knows how great it is. My youngest now goes to Reigate school because it's walking distance of our house. It is also very good, but communication isn't as good as Warwick. If you change your mind about Reigate feel free to PM me. Best thing we ever did moving here. smile

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