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Anyone else in a super-selective grammar area NOT putting your DC in for the 11+?

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LynetteScavo Thu 29-Aug-13 19:30:56

Every friend of DS2 we've seen this week has talked about the 11+, and how after the test they won't have to have their tutor any more (on inquiring it seems they've seen their tutor once or twice a week for two or three years).

They talk about how they really want to go to the grammar school, and how their parents ^really want to go to the grammar school.

DS2 looks like this confused. We decided not to put him in for the 11+ as we want him to go to the Catholic comprehensive in the next town, where his brother goes to school.

Anyone else feeling left out, although they really shouldn't be? (Maybe I should just count have much I've saved from not paying a tutor grin)

exoticfruits Tue 17-Sep-13 20:43:34

I would choose a proper comprehensive over a grammar school. We deliberately moved out of a grammar school area before the secondary stage and have never regretted it.

IloveJudgeJudy Thu 19-Sep-13 11:51:11

All three DC went to our local Catholic comp. Well, as much of a comp as it can be as it's in a grammar school area! DS1 could not have taken the 11+ as at that time, if you failed the 11+ you could not then go to the Catholic comp; it had to be no 1 choice.

DD did not want to take the 11+ as she did not want to go to a single-sex school. She is now in a grammar school 6th form as the courses suit her better than the ones at the comp. DS1 stayed at the comp for 6th form. DS2 did not take the 11+, either, as he did not want to go to a single-sex school, either. Some of DD's and DS2's compatriots did take, and pass, the 11+ and I know that some people won't believe it, but they did not go to the grammar. They chose to go to the comp. We have been very happy with the education that our DC have had. It may not have been as hothoused as the grammars, but if the DC have the ability, they will do as well at the comp as at the grammar. We felt the pastoral care was miles better at the comp than the grammar and that, actually, given the level of DC that the comp started with, it actually did better than the grammars, who cream off the top students, some of whom still failed their GCSEs.

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