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Decisions, decisions! Clueless in Camberley

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Magrug Fri 30-Aug-13 19:58:35

Another vote for Hall Grove, who have quite an intake from state schools, including CR, at Year 3. Really worth having a look as it is a super school. Lambrook is good too, although I haven't had children there so cannot speak from the same experience.

oli7gia Thu 29-Aug-13 23:35:06

Cheers Mumtogremlins-I didnt realise that. I think, Fingers crossed we will be transferring to a prep at year 3 so not that worried re junior school but yes, probably best to keep the option open. Don't think we will get into Ravenscote as too far so, all things being equal will go for CR if daughter gets a place there.

Mumtogremlins Thu 29-Aug-13 22:46:33

Just a note on the state schools - you may want to go for CR infants if you want CR juniors as infants get priority under admissions criteria and very few others get in. If you go for Prior Heath, most go to Ravenscote (outstanding junior which is rare round here) but you may live too far from there. Have a look at past admissions to see the best option

oli7gia Thu 29-Aug-13 09:41:56

Thank you so much guys. Really useful info. I completely agree. Our plan now is CR or PH (so state) till year 3 and then transfer to somewhere like EH or the other ones mentioned here(Lambrook and Hall Grove look fantastic and we hadn't even considered them!)

Hoe Bridge has a rather unfortunate name but once I get my head round that, I might look at that too :-)

Labro Thu 29-Aug-13 09:19:02

Tasmania is spot on - would perhaps do state for infants, prep from yr 3 and then indie senior, friend is doing it this way with her ds. I moved my ds into prep at yr 5 which has worked really well too. The secondaries in the area are massive (think 2000+ children) apart from the one which has been failing and in special measures for at least the last four years. I moved to avoid that problem!

Tasmania Thu 29-Aug-13 00:47:48

If you are considering going private for secondary, I would go for prep school. Less disruptions, and culture would be similar.

Also, knowing the area a little, I would not want DC to go to the state secondary school on offer there.

Mumtogremlins Wed 28-Aug-13 23:07:35

I've also heard good things about Prior Heath, and Crawley Ridge very sought after. We were tempted to move to Camberley just for the primary schools. Private - Hall Grove in Bagshot, as mentioned, Coworth Flexlands in Chobham but boys only up to 7. St Andrews in Horsell, Woking is very good, and Hoe Bridge but depends where you work in Woking. Also Halstead in Woking for girls. Yateley Manor and Hawley Place might still be a trek the wrong way for you. I had a look at Lyndhurst but it is very small.

Inclusionist Wed 28-Aug-13 18:53:02

Hoe Bridge often gets good reviews too if you would be happy to base your school location on your work rather than home.

Inclusionist Wed 28-Aug-13 18:50:08

TBH I would go for somewhere that you will follow right through. Where do you think you might go for senior? If the seniors you want start at 13 you will need a prep really that focuses on CE.

I've heard people on here say good things about Hall Grove which might work for a commute into Woking?

My DS starts reception in 2014 too and is going to Lambrook.

Labro Wed 28-Aug-13 13:27:36

Theres also St Augustines at Frimley which is also outstanding (catholic but does take other faiths if you have any church/faith connection.) Goes right through to year 6 and has children sucessful at 11+ (with tutoring of course!) to the Guildford girls schools and Farnborough Hill. Avoid Lorraine, Pine Ridge or Cordwalles in the state sector. Theres a lot of independent prep schools in the area especially if you look out towards Guildford or Sunningdale or Ascot

oli7gia Wed 28-Aug-13 13:00:33

Thanks v much. PH is closest and looks promising but will have to go long and look at both in person. I hadn't thought of YM-will have a look. Lyndhurst was a bit small-the building is tiny and not that many facilities- I thought she would develop more confidence in a bigger place.

Good to know that there is an option to save money for 3 years before fee onslaught begins!

Labro Tue 27-Aug-13 22:29:30

Hi there; previously lived there - would highly recommend prior heath if you want a very academic type school (friends report lots of homework from the beginning) Crawley Ridge less pushy but still desirable. If looking to move at yr 3, Prior Heath is infants so everybody moves, Crawley Ridge has the junior school next door but no 'automatic' transfer, though loads move to the junior school. Check catchments as both heavily oversubscribed and catchment areas change.look at Lyndhurst in central Camberley, Yateley Manor (dedicated coaches from Camberley ) as far as I remember Eagle House may do minibuses from Camberley but friends have either loved or hated it.

oli7gia Tue 27-Aug-13 21:48:57

Hi, looking for some MN wisdom please. We live in Crawley Ridge area of Camberley. We placed our daughter on the waiting list for Eagle House when we were living in Wokingham (to start reception in 2014). Now that we've moved(job in Woking)its a going to be a hell of a commute going into Sandhurst for drop off as also have to drop younger son off at nursery before getting to work at 8.30 in Woking. Now, we find that we have two outstanding OFSTED state infant schools that we are in catchment area for(Crawley Ridge and Prior Heath) which we previously hadn't considered as had decided on Eagle House. Feeling a bit torn-part of us wonders if she (and son) would be better off going to one of those and then join a prep school in year 3. Another part worried that she will be disadvantaged and would be better off starting in on place and carrying on through. In which case, we would really have to at least consider a different private school to make the commute "do-able". Husband works in Reading but leaves at 7.20 and finishes work at 5.30-6 so he probably won't be able to do school run. So really, we are looking at somewhere close to Camberley or en route to Woking. If they have a nursery or per-school on site that son could go to now or aged 2, that would be a bonus.

Any ideas? Thanks-am greeting increasingly confused!

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