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Need food packaging from around the world

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Jellypudmum Fri 23-Aug-13 02:41:41

Am starting a temp maternity cover job in two weeks and have only just been given the medium term plan.

The theme is food for the first half term and the first week involves a lesson where children look at food packaging from around the world! I don't live in the most cosmopolitan place (out in the sticks and even the nearest city is not particularly multi cultural) and have only really managed to find a few Chinese and polish pieces of packaging.

Can anyone please help? Or advise?

Many thanks.

Jellypudmum Sat 24-Aug-13 00:39:27

Thank you everyone! Have just ordered the book Wirkd on a Plate which looks like it could tie in really nicely as well.

The school has created a new class and I went in yesterday to find an empty room! Am now having to buy my own resources, pencil pots, make number lines etc. I'm literally starting with nothing!!!

Jellypudmum Sat 24-Aug-13 00:39:47

World not

Jellypudmum Sat 24-Aug-13 00:40:06

World not Wirkd!!

indignatio Fri 30-Aug-13 12:21:20

Just been sent this as a link, hope it is not too late and if it is of use.

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