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National Schools Growing Competition, any of your children involved?

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Ailsa Thu 12-Feb-04 22:53:06

My ds's school did this comp last year, the kids love growing plants, not that I'm any good. Their Grandad helps them, he starts the plants off in the kitchen and when the better weather arrives puts them in his greenhouse. One year the school had a sunflower growing comp to see who could grow the tallest, they had to send photos in as evidence.

helenmc Thu 12-Feb-04 20:26:35

to make a good bushy plant , when it gets 3 or 4 inches high pick out the new leaves ('pinching out', then water and feed and keep warm until no more frosts , and it can go outside. It like sunshine. and good luck !!!

Festivefly Wed 11-Feb-04 19:49:11

My ds4 came home today with a letter........

"We are taking part in this competition. During the week begining 29 march children will recieve petunia plugs, plant pots, compost and info sheets. The children are asked to care for there plants and enter the competition to be held on Sat 12 june at a local garden centre. The winner of this comp. will be invited to enter their plant in the national final at Birmingham NEC on saturday 19 june"

Anyone doing it, he really wants to win, how do you grow a decent plant!

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