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grandparents liability

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ivorculterfan Sun 11-Aug-13 22:18:57

I'm a single parent on a low income and my son gets an almost full bursary for his school. My father was widowed 18 months ago and would like to sell his house (ex council) and move in with me. I'd like this too but I'm worried that if he sells his house and becomes part of my household his savings (from the house sale) be taken into account re the school fees? I fill in a very thorough means testing form every year and assume I would have to add his details. Does anyone have a similar experience?

Mendi Sun 11-Aug-13 22:25:02

I'm fairly sure it can't be right that your dad's savings would be taken into account, as with most schools even the income of a partner (if not the father of the child) is not taken into account. Also, if it was just "any adult in your household" then what if you had a lodger, for example?

I would just ring the bursar and check. Make it clear that your dad does not support you financially.

crazycarol Mon 12-Aug-13 19:35:07

Different schools take different things into consideration. I know of one school where the non-resident parent's income is taken into consideration and the mother's new dh income is ignored. And another school where the rreverse is the case. Agree check with the school - hypothetically.

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