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Best prep schools in Oxfordshire / Berks / Hamps + commutable to City

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sunnychild Thu 08-Aug-13 18:15:45

Dear all,

We are desperate for inside info on the best prep schools for our son in the above areas which we are considering a move to in order to be closer to our choice of public schools for later. Hubby commutes into Liverpool st so prep would need to be not too far to enable commute of 1.5 hours approx max. Son is due to begin Yr 5 at his Suffolk prep and is in the top quarter of his large year, so needs somewhere which will challenge him academically, offer good rugby but also which is a happy place with nice kids. I think the choice is wide but I would really appreciate your advice - we are getting booted out of our rental house in Suffolk in October so think it makes sense to buy in one of the areas above so we are nearer to poss; Stowe / Eton / Radley for later on rather than stuck out in Suffolk. We have tried both state and independent for son in past and have simply found he's best in independent so please - my head is already falling off trying to sort a new home and school without debate on the private / state issue guys!

Thank you.

Mumtogremlins Sat 10-Aug-13 20:25:54

Thought about Surrey? Woking is 20-25 mins to Waterloo although you don't have to live in Woking! St Andrews still has places in Year 5 I believe

Alad Sat 10-Aug-13 20:30:58

Oratory Prep school. Fast trains from Reading or slower from Goring or Pangbourne. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty & highly rated school, lovely selection of properties at ok prices. Less snooty than Oxford or Henley. - what more could you want?

sunnychild Mon 12-Aug-13 17:44:56

Thank you all - all your comments have been really helpful. Especially the idea of boarding preps starting Yr 6 thank you for suggesting. We're thinking of moving to France for a year min. to get DS's French up to scratch and start a holiday business, but sending him back here to board if he hates French school would be a wonderful option - and one I hadn't fully considered before.

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