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Since when have open toed sandals been a H&S issue?

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DumbledoresGirl Mon 12-Jun-06 16:18:17

I went everywhere on Saturday to buy my dd some open toed sandals as her shoes are too small and, espceially in this hot weather, I wanted her to have some cooling footwear. I suppose the lack of many school type sandals should have told me something, but I merely assumed everyone else had beaten me to it.

Then today, dd, who is normally so bubbly and full of life, came out of school looking dejected. Apparently school friends have been horrid and shouting at her today as she was wearing the "wrong" shoe.

A talk with the teacher revealed that open toed sandals are banned as a H&S issue - apparently, toes might get trodden on! With all the diplomacy and maturity that I do not possess, I told the teacher I thought that was nonsense. I still do. She said that it was pretty much a universal rule in schools these days. Well, all I can say is, it wasn't when I was a teacher.

Since getting home I have looked up the school prospectus, and, in fairness to them, it does say no open toed or open heeled shoes to be worn (dd's are both!) but can I really be expected to remember that when I read the prospectus 16 months ago?

Anyway, I have told the teacher that dd will be wearing the offending articles for the remainder of term as I can't take them back to the shop now and I can't afford to buy her another pair of shoes.

What does everyone else think about the banning of open toed sandals? How many people who grew up like me in the 70s remember toes being crushed in the playground as a result of open toed sandals being worn? Isn't it a health issue to allow feel to breathe as much as possible in this hot weather? I couldn't help but notice that the teacher I spoke to was herself wearing open toed sandals, a was I and every other woman I saw in the playground!

Ledodgyherring Mon 12-Jun-06 16:20:00

This is madness. They really are going too far what next Leather gloves in case they prick themselves with a pencil?

SoupDragon Mon 12-Jun-06 16:21:46

Can't you get closed heel/toe sandals though? Not that this is much help now, obviously.

I guess they're more vulnerable to having stuff dropped on them, also DSs trip more in open toed sandals but still seems a little OTT.

DumbledoresGirl Mon 12-Jun-06 16:22:34

I am glad that is your reaction too Ledodgyherring. I am afraid I was a bit blunt in my immediate response to the teacher and crossly told myself afterwards that I should grow up one day before I hit 50.

Kathy1972 Mon 12-Jun-06 16:26:04

Gosh, that's madness, unless the school has them shifting heavy furniture or using pneumatic drills on a regular basis.

LadySherlockofLGJ Mon 12-Jun-06 16:28:12

Oh Eck off to google DS's school website.


More importantly.

Did she tell DD in front of the whole class ??

I would be more annoyed about that TBH.

LadySherlockofLGJ Mon 12-Jun-06 16:30:48

Glad you told me I have just googled,

Boys Mid or dark grey trousers
Tailored shorts

Shoes- sensible black or grey shoes
Socks - plain dark or white socks

Girls Dark blue and white checked dress
Plain navy blue skirt

Shoes - sensible shoes or sandals (no open toed footwear)

Socks - plain dark or white socks

So in essence DS can, but if he was a DD he couldn't madness.

KateF Mon 12-Jun-06 16:31:28

Banned at my dds school too and I agree it's going too far. They are coming home with very hot sweaty feet and I feel that I am well able to decide what constitutes a risk to their health and safety. However, as I work there I am complying with the rules and, in all fairness, I think it's a case of LEA policy rather than individual schools.

SparklyGothKat Mon 12-Jun-06 16:31:32

I know that at DS and DDds school they are not allowed to wear open toed or open heeled shoes. I was told it was a risk that someone might step on their toes or they could drop something on them. I know that its been a rule since DS started at the school 4 years ago.

MrsBadger Mon 12-Jun-06 16:31:49

sorry - I was never allowed to wear open toes or heels to school, (1980s not 70s I must admit) but (tellingly) nor were the teachers.
Vaguely remember being told they were dangerous on climbing frames or if a teacher had to run in a fire / similar emergency.
And to be fair I'm not sure I'd want to leg it after a runaway 5yo wearing flipflops...

I'm still not allowed to wear open toes to work, but that's because I work in a lab full of evil chemicals.

sandyballs Mon 12-Jun-06 16:32:07

Our school is the same. But surely a close toe, closed heel "sandal" is actually a shoe? Bizarre.

peachyClair Mon 12-Jun-06 16:33:10

My kids wear them, not an issue. The only closed ones I could find (not that I was looking) were jelly shoes (banned) or Doodles (too small). They do have a leather rule but with ds1 losing shorts etc weekly, just ain't viable- i go for those hiking style sandals for him.

SKYTVADICT Mon 12-Jun-06 16:33:18

Our school has this rule too although I don't think many people follow it.

I am hoping to buy DD2 some open toed sandals in the next couple of weeks if I can find any!

I don't think your DD should have been made to feel bad about it though. Good luck in getting her to wear them tomorrow

LadyTambaOfTambaTown Mon 12-Jun-06 16:33:42

How old is DD?

Im not sure what open toes shoes are really but I dont think heels should be worn to school

DumbledoresGirl Mon 12-Jun-06 16:34:34

No LGJ, I don't think she told dd off at all. It was all dd's little friends who took it upon themselves to be the law enforcers. (I do hate the way they do that - what has happened to a bit of decent honest solidarity between children?) The teacher was obviously aware of dd's footwear as when I said "Is the wearing the wrong thing?" she didn't need to look down at her feet to see what I was talking about. I expect she has been plagued all day by little voices saying "Miss! Miss! X is wearing the wrong sort of shoe!"
When I said I thought the reason for banning them was silly, she suggested I could take it up with the head, so in some ways, I think she felt for me.

I am mostly cross because
a) it is a silly policy IMO
b) it isn't made plain enough to parents. There is a newsletter out every week - a small reminder just before Easter might have been appropriate I think
c) I hate the fact that dd is in trouble with the school and with her playmates because of something that is 100% my mistake, not hers.

WigWamBam Mon 12-Jun-06 16:34:55

Mmmm ... I would have felt the same until dd's last mufti day when she went in wearing sandals - she spent the next 5 weeks with a scabby face because she fell over running in them and hurt her face really badly. She also bruised her foot on the same day when she was on the climbing wall.

The school's Children's Mentor tells me that incidences of children falling over their own feet and hurting themselves, or of injuring their feet, more than triple on days when the children are allowed to wear sandals. I guess that's one of the reasons for the rule at dd's school.

Kathy1972 Mon 12-Jun-06 16:35:12

So do the rules forbid open toes but say nothing about heels?

foxinsocks Mon 12-Jun-06 16:35:26

ours allows it it seems but I think they are supposed to wear socks with their sandals (though I saw a fair few kids who weren't today)

ds wears closed toe sandals otherwise he falls on his face every few steps!

MrsBadger Mon 12-Jun-06 16:35:39

so this is technically a sandal, and this is technically a shoe. I challenge you to find a significant difference.

foxinsocks Mon 12-Jun-06 16:37:48

they both look like shoes to me

SparklyGothKat Mon 12-Jun-06 16:38:20

I think the closed sandles would be fine, but these open toed sandles are not

peachyClair Mon 12-Jun-06 16:38:38

they look so hot for small feet!

And my boys'd look crap in them

DumbledoresGirl Mon 12-Jun-06 16:39:45

Dd is 6. It was heart breaking actually as she was so keen on her sandals and so excited about weating them to school. When she got home and took them off, I saw her straightening them lovingly before changing into her ballet stuff.

SoupDragon Mon 12-Jun-06 16:42:16

these would be fine though. If they werne't pink.

Furball Mon 12-Jun-06 16:48:36

Ds (reception) has open toed and open backed sandals. I was surprised when I asked the teacher and she said yes. - He is the only one though, most boys wear big clumpy shoes with their shorts. I'll have a shuft at the girls footwear and see what they do.

I can understand it at senior schools with a more strict uniform but for infants and even juniors seems abit crazy.

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