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"Heading for a level 3"!

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batey Mon 09-Feb-04 17:41:31

Just been to dd1s parents evening, she's 6/Y1. And it was all positive, the teacher said she's heading for a good level 3. So what does that mean then? Anyone able to enlighten me? I did ask, but she just said, well all she needs by the end of Y1 is a level 2. I'm still none the wiser really about what she's talking about. Is there a website that explains these levels?Anyone ......?

beetroot Mon 09-Feb-04 17:42:50

Message withdrawn

batey Mon 09-Feb-04 17:54:38

Wow, really!!! So what are the levels then? Is it to do with the SATS in Y2? How far do these levels go?

Janh Mon 09-Feb-04 17:59:22

batey, just found this page from a primary school - scroll down for some explanations.

The targets originally were:

KS1 - (up to Y2) - Level 2
KS2 - (up to Y6) - Level 4
KS3 - (up to Y9) - Level 6

but the KS3 one is now Level 5-6 I think.

Quite a lot get some Level 3s in Y2 and some Level 5s in KS2; and some even get Level 6 in KS2 (possible in English, not very in Maths because it covers things they haven't done yet, like probability).

Level 8 is possible at KS3.


Janh Mon 09-Feb-04 18:00:00

Yes, these are SATs results!

beetroot Mon 09-Feb-04 18:01:26

Message withdrawn

beetroot Mon 09-Feb-04 18:02:36

Message withdrawn

batey Mon 09-Feb-04 18:11:41

Thanks for that. Maybe she does mean at the end of Y2, I don't know. But my dd is certainly not exceptional in her class, she's probably just above average, and we are in an "affluent" area.Honestly, I feel like I need a handbook of instructions just to go to parents evening!!

fisil Mon 09-Feb-04 18:31:49

I agree, it must be baffling. Especially as it is a teachers dily language, so we don't always stop to think that not everyone is talking NC levels, SATs etc. BTW, some of my Y9 might achieve a level 3 in their SATs, but for some of them even that is over ambitious!

fisil Mon 09-Feb-04 18:37:08

daily. Not dily.

tillymint Mon 09-Feb-04 18:50:55

Have been out of teaching foe 6 yrs now, but used to teach high school maths.
We would often get teacher assessed levels thru' for our Yr7s, which were really over the mark. Many children remain at a level for a number of years, even though they are progressing. Only the SATs results can be accepted. In maths some kids peak early, others take a while for it all to click. If a child is happy, confident, and is working and behaving well, they will achieve their potential. Support and encouragement at home is essential.

Coddy Mon 09-Feb-04 18:52:52

But whn I was teaching we would puy y7 at the level3 and so on

we were once told that they had to go up a level every year - which of course is bollocks.

One of the reasons I am delighted to have left it - all subjectve crap - levels scmevels - ignore the lot of them

I used to make them up on my reports, - well sort of.

Slinky Mon 09-Feb-04 19:10:30

I would assume your DDs teacher was predicting your DDs level at SATS based on her working level at the moment.

DD1 (now Year 3) obtained Level 3s in all of her SATS at the end of Year 2. This was predicted by her teacher at the end of Year 1.

batey Mon 09-Feb-04 20:11:49

Thanks, again. Why don't they make these things clear though. It can't be that difficult to inform "first timer" parents what it all means. If it wasn't for MN I'd still not have a clue!

popsycal Mon 09-Feb-04 20:38:04

i can give you a bit more adivice,....but you seem to have loads already

hmb Tue 10-Feb-04 06:48:39

Thet go up to an 8, but that is just for the exceptional child! In KS3 we are expecting children to be working at level 5/6. In my second sets I have about 6 who are working at a 6 and one very bright girl working at a 7. In my 'bottom set' most are working at a 5 , one boy at a 6 and a few working at a 4. Some of these children have quite profound SEN. If you google at national curriculum you can look at the level descriptors for each of the subjects. You can sometimes get a wide spread of results in different subjects. My dd is way ahead in science but that is because the poor child has a science teacher for a mother.....

Jaybee Tue 10-Feb-04 10:08:04

The dfee parent website is very good for explaining how they measure children's progress etc.
I found the site when I was looking for some explanations when ds was about to do his SATS in Yr 2 anf have returned to it several times since for other answers.

Cam Tue 10-Feb-04 10:17:29

Coddy, you used to make them up on your reports, now remind me it is you who is applying to be a magistrate? You shouldn't be telling us stuff like that......

Coddy Tue 10-Feb-04 10:39:04

? relevance of levels to law?

Janh Tue 10-Feb-04 10:42:00

Jaybee, that is a good site, thanks!

Coddy Tue 10-Feb-04 10:44:41

I am sure hte other teachers will agree that all assesssment like that is very hard to do and very subjective. If they achieve it once deos that mean they can do it all thetime? - how much teacher input hasve they receieved and so on.

If you are told by a manager they have to progress every year and they patently havent what are you supposed to do? I taught at times wayover 300 kids per week rangind form special needs to university standardand the range went in KS3 from 2/3 to6/7.

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