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Crosfields School

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elite123 Tue 09-Jul-13 21:57:44

Hi all, please could someone give more information about Crosfields school in Reading. I want to know the view of the parents who has experience with Crosfields? My son is very bright and I feel that he is not being challenged in the primary school. He is very good academically. But I want him to grow more independent and confident. Just looked around at the private schools and found Crosfields to be one possibility. We are not sure if it is worth joining there. Please could someone give their opinion/experiences with Crosfields. Do you know anyone who got into Reading school from Crosfields? Please could you respond soon as we need to decide with in 2 weeks. is it worth joining there? Do they stretch bright people enough?

Inclusionist Wed 10-Jul-13 15:34:13

I have heard that Crosfields is not particularly academic. Although I've never heard anybody say anything bad about it I've also never heard anybody say anything glowing. Damned a little by faint praise??

Have you looked at Dolphin in Twyford? It is a bit alternative but really into developing independence, confidence and the ability to think critically.

nemno Wed 10-Jul-13 16:03:49

I can't really help but this piqued my interest. My boys went there for only 2 terms about 15 years ago. It was really very good, the school in that time totally pinpointed their areas of weakness and strengths, something a rather more prestigious Prep had failed to do in 2 years( I had been fobbed off with glowing reports which weren't actually useful). Crosfields however were very good at working out a plan for each individual. Our friends ended up moving their sons too.

We were so sorry to have to leave the school because of job relocation. Their analysis proved to be spot on over the years and their strategies gave me a headstart for the rest of my DC's education. My sons have gone on to academic success, my friends' boys got into Reading grammar.

I am sad to think it might not be so great now. We and the boys loved that headmaster and his staff.

Cavermum Wed 10-Jul-13 16:26:23

How old is he? Do you have an offer for Crosfields because it's a strange time of the year to have two weeks to decide given that they break up tomorrow. It's not considered specifically academic , just a nice rounded school that's strong on sport and has amazing facilities.
St.Edwards would be considered locally a far more academic boys school. Many Crosfields boys go on to Blue Coat. Several do go to Reading School every year but they have practically all been tutored (prepares to be blasted for daring to say this!!!). Crosfields has good success at 13+ entrance to public and othe private schools .
Can't ask your DCs teachers if you think they're not being stretched enough. Have you tried stretching him and improving his confidence yourself? It's not all down to the school. No offence intended.

elite123 Wed 24-Jul-13 14:21:55

Thank you everyone for sharing their experiences. Sorry, been away for a while. So, could not check the messages. I don't have any idea about Dolphin school, Inclusionist. I will have a look at that school. Is it a very good school? Yes, Cavermum we are offered a place. Initially, we were told that we are on waiting list no.11. With in few months time, I am surprised to hear that a place become available. How come did we move up to 11 places? I am also thinking if they stretch more able pupils or is it a waste of money. Mums, who have experience with this school, pls could you share more experiences/thoughts.

Inclusionist Wed 24-Jul-13 15:18:14

TBH if you want a really top notch prep you will have to travel a bit of a way.

Papplewick, Lambrook, St John's Beaumont and Caldicott are the ones that I would consider to be 'very good' to the west/ south west of Reading.

elite123 Wed 24-Jul-13 15:42:08

Hi Inclusionist, are they really very good schools? Pls let me know. Do u have children in any of those schools? Is the teaching very good in those schools? Does 'very good' mean all rounded education? have looked at Papplewick. Looks impressive. Is it better than Crosfields? Thanks.

Inclusionist Wed 24-Jul-13 15:47:09

There are no 'league tables' for Prep schools so you can only really go on how many children they get into top/ selective senior schools and how many scholarships they get.

Yes, I would say Papplewick is a LOT better then Crosfields. It's not relevant to you if you only want up to Year 6 but Papplewick and Caldicott both have compulsory boarding in Year 7 and 8. This put me off. My son is going to Lambrook.

elite123 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:51:43

How is Lambrook? Is it a good school? How do you feel about the school? Is it better than Crosfields? BTW where do u live?

Inclusionist Wed 24-Jul-13 17:31:11

There is no way I would be planning to pay £12k a year if I didn't think it was amazing!!

DH and I are both senior teachers (me Primary, him Independent Senior) so we know the market and we have really done our homework. It is horses for courses though. We think Lambrook is the best school in the area for our son. That doesn't mean it would be right for every child.

We live between Slough and Maidenhead at the moment but plan to move south of the M4 pretty soon.

elite123 Wed 24-Jul-13 18:19:15

Hi Inclusionist, What's the size of the class at Lambrook? Is it academic school or all-rounded? Do they stretch more able children? can you tell something more about Lambrook?

Inclusionist Wed 24-Jul-13 18:49:48

I think maybe you need to start looking round some places to get the feel for them?

Lambrook is not selective (there are no selective preps in the area) and they have a strong learning support department so they are quite inclusive. The do have a scholarship set though and get places and scholarships at the top Senior schools every year. Max class size of 18 but very large overall. I like this balance as you get the benefits of a small class but with a large group within which to form friendships.

It is a very strong all round school (sport, music and more) and very supportive of children who achieve excellence outside the classroom.

The main thing I liked about it though was the buzz about the place. It seems to be a happy, proactive, purposeful place and not 'stuffy'.

elite123 Sat 03-Aug-13 22:01:38

I have found out that Lambrook has no places. Can't find from Papplewick as the schools are closed. Can some one suggest any other best prep schools in Berkshire. Thanks.

Inclusionist Sun 04-Aug-13 16:07:56

Cheam and Elstree worth a look. Both the wrong side of Reading for you though.

I think Cheam tends to be oversubscribed too, I don't know about Elstree.

You haven't said what year group you are looking to go into?

aaabbbccc Mon 05-Aug-13 11:02:13

In that area there is BearWood, Waverley, Hurst Lodge, St Pirans is meant to be very regimented, Holme Grange, Dolphin for a nurturing, relaxed environment, St Neots, The Abbey, Danes Hill, Sherfield.

What suits one child will not suit another. How driven are you for your child to get good results will be a factor in schools, I'd rather have a happy child than one pressurised to get good results. Fantastic facilities don't make a good school, high fees don't make a good school...where your child is happy makes the best school.

Inclusionist Mon 05-Aug-13 21:16:24

St Piran's might well be worth a look, especially since they have shifted to Y6 only.

OP wants a school for only 2 years that will focus on Reading Boys prep. The Abbey (as a girls' school) is going to be out! It is also not a long haul 'formative' thing.

As far as I know Bearwood and Hurst Lodge are not academic/ 11+ driven.

Moulsford is another one to consider. A lot of this depends on how free you are for and how much time you are prepared to devote to the school run.

LetsDoOurBest Tue 24-Feb-15 13:20:37

Hi elite123,
I am looking at crosfields for my daughter, which school did you go for your son in the end

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