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Port Regis

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Gho Thu 04-Jul-13 08:59:16

Hi all, please does anyone have any insight or first hand experience in the last two years of the school?

It had such a good reputation under the previous headmaster, any comments on how it is doing currently under the new head? There seems to have been a lot of personnel changes at the top.

I need a very good co-ed prep for my DS (8) with a few must haves - Excellent academics, music and pastoral care. I know the school is very into sports, which is sufficient for my son's need.

Schoolsearch2015 Fri 26-Feb-16 11:43:09

Hi, I saw your postbox Mumsnet asking about the last 2 years at Port Regis and you didn't get any responses. We are also considering Port Regis and I'm keen to hear some reviews. Did you end up sending your child there's. If so, I'd love to hear about what you think of the school. Finding it really hard to track down families who have kids there or who have had kids there. We live overseas but have family nearby. Thanks so much. Sarah

dumsor Thu 20-Apr-17 13:37:06

Hi Sarah - Did you end up sending your children to Port Regis? Very keen to hear your feedback?

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