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Any other kids got homework projects to start and finish by Monday?

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Beetroot Sat 03-Jun-06 10:13:14

Apart from mine?

one on the rain forests and one history one


roisin Sat 03-Jun-06 12:42:15

Ha [smug grin]

Finally got on the PC this morning because ds1 (8) has finished his - phew! (A European country: he chose Iceland)

Actually he quite enjoyed it
It's his first 'project' of this sort. I'm sure the novelty would wear off quickly if he got this sort of homework a lot.

Beetroot Sat 03-Jun-06 13:30:09

ds1 NOW HAS A TIMETABLE for today and tomorrow. and ds3 (9) is desperalty wading through rain forest stuff whihc I am helping him with more than i should be

I thought this was meant to be a holoiday

Beetroot Sat 03-Jun-06 13:32:20

oh and ds1 and dd have piano exams in two weeks and as we have been away they have to do an hour a day..AND IT IS SUNNY!!!!

snorkle Sat 03-Jun-06 14:42:20

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sat 03-Jun-06 14:45:17

i have allowed an hours break to pop int otown and have lunch...

then i will crack the rain forest whip again!! and I will lie in the sun while he is working!!!

roisin Sat 03-Jun-06 18:33:57

How're the projects going Beety?

Beetroot Sat 03-Jun-06 18:39:57

ds1 says he has nearly finished his,

ds3 has done more than half.
with alot of help from me and the internet!

wil leae it until tomorrow now

snorkle Sun 04-Jun-06 16:02:15

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 04-Jun-06 16:09:16

he has just gone to the office to print it out.

It was interesting as I spent t18 months living in the rainforest so he was able to include pictures of our house

Maths and spellings? how tedious

snorkle Sun 04-Jun-06 16:28:12

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 04-Jun-06 18:03:12

it even has a topless picture of me age 12

snorkle Sun 04-Jun-06 18:15:51

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 04-Jun-06 19:25:41

us too. looks good i am very proud of myslef!

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