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Just told there's no room for my dd to join playgroup

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mollymay Wed 04-Feb-04 18:26:17

I went to see my local playgroup today to see when my dd might be able to start. I've had her name down for some while. I was surprised to be told that there would be no spaces available until September when she will be 3yrs and 4mths (they take children from 2yrs 9mths at this playgroup). Do you think my dd will be disadvantaged and if so, should I try other nurseries? I had her name down at 2 nurseries and they have both said the same thing.

Angeliz Wed 04-Feb-04 18:32:34

mollymay, is this for everyday or just one day a week?

mollymay Wed 04-Feb-04 18:36:03

well to be honest I just wanted to take her once, maybe twice a week. I'm expecting a baby in July and thought it would be nice for me to have a bit of quality time with new baby and dd to have a change of scenery. By the time they accept her into playgroup, she will nearly be old enough for pre-school nursery so I am wondering whether to skip playgroup completely. I just don't want dd to be disadvantaged with learning, socialising etc. (although we do socialise quite a bit anyway)

Angeliz Wed 04-Feb-04 18:42:36

Oh i see. I take my dd once a week to a playgroup (but it's one where i stay with her). I don't think it will harm your dd at all to wait a few months.
I am thinking of getting dd into nursery for a few days a week, (just morning sessions-or afternoons),in September and she will be 3.7 by then. I don't think she's missing out at all as we do so much together.
I get what you mean now i know you're pregnant though. Couldn't your parents take dd out one day a week to give dd quality time and you and baby quality time?

deegward Wed 04-Feb-04 18:44:47

mollymay, if you can get her into another one I would try. I know it is hard, but in my experience your child will not be disadvanted its just that children enjoy going to playgroup. Remember that in Scotland you will be entitled to a free nursery school place the August after their third birthday (or around that). And in England they start nursery the term (September or January) before their fourth birthday (or around that). So my ds1 did playgroup from 2yrs 6 mths until he started school nursery at 3yrs 10 mths.

Bit of a ramble, and I can't even remember my point, oh yes, if you can get into a playgroup fine, if not they start nursery soon enough. Hope that helps.

PS, C***p of the playgroups for not letting you know when you put her name down that she wouldn't get in!

nutcracker Wed 04-Feb-04 18:47:17

My dd1 was turned down for several playgroups because i had had to wait for her to be potty trained before they would accept her. By the time she was potty trained there were no places left. I did eventually get her in. My dd2 didn't go to playgroup at all as there wasn't one near enough that i liked. She started nursery at 3 and doesn't seem behind in anything, so i wouldn't worry if you can't send her, although i would agree that it would be nice for you to have some time alone with the new baby. Hope you get it sorted soon.

deegward Wed 04-Feb-04 18:48:10

Sorry mollymay, started to type reply, phone went, came back and finished it, now it seems out of date!

If you are going to put dd into anything try to do it well in advance of baby. Which is why ds1 started playgroup so early! It means they can't link in their minds. New baby = I'm kicked out of house to a playgroup

mollymay Wed 04-Feb-04 18:49:33

I know what you mean Angeliz. I just didn't know if they teach them anything of importance at playgroup that perhaps I could be doing at home so she doesn't miss out.
I might have a look round deegward as I know she will enjoy socialising with other kids.
I agree it is c***p. Especially as I only live round the corner and go to mother and toddler at the same place!

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