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Westbourne House, Chichester - any feedback?

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Hesp Mon 17-Jun-13 17:30:06

We are considering sending our kids to Westbourne House (Chichester) but are struggling to assess the academic standards at the school. They do not publish any results. Would anyone be able to give me a fair assessment of the academic standards of Westbourne House? Also, we would like feedback about pastoral care and if anyone has heard of any bullying etc - any feedback about the school would be greatly appreciated!

Pompelmo Tue 18-Jun-13 16:58:17

Great school. It is a traditional Prep school in that it prepares children for Common Entrance rather than 11+. The children almost always secure entry into their first choice of destination school, many with Scholarships. Good learning support for those that might need a little help. Pastoral care is good with many children opting to board several evenings a week. Unkindness is dealt with effectively when brought to the Teaching Staffs' attention.

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