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outstanding school's head leaving. How likely to stay outstanding?

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rabbitstew Sat 15-Jun-13 17:40:29

What makes you think they've appointed the deputy as a permanent headteacher? He or she wouldn't be described as "acting head" if that were the case - it is the norm for the deputy to step up to be acting head until a permanent replacement is found. And even if they do want the acting head to become the permanent head, they have to go through a proper recruitment process, first, not just advertise, reject everyone else and then automatically appoint the deputy to the post. And if they want the deputy to take over the it must be because the deputy is considered to be outstandingly good. So, tbh, I really don't see what your problem is.

ReallyTired Sat 15-Jun-13 12:28:28

Headteachers come and go and its a mistake to pick a school on the basis of the head teacher. Superheads tend to get bored and want a challenge. My children's school which is offically crap is having a superhead starting next september. I doult the superhead will stay there more than a couple of years.

I imagine that the deputy will have had some fanastic training and there will be good systems in place. Prehaps the school will fall to good, but its unlikely to become inadequate overnight.

Prehaps the powers at be need to look at ways that really talented heads can make a difference to the lives of more children.

Idonthaveenoughtime Thu 13-Jun-13 14:27:36

pardon, as she hasn't been a head teacher before, I meant to say.

Idonthaveenoughtime Thu 13-Jun-13 14:26:53

This is related to another question I asked.
How worried should I be about a head teacher leaving?
The school is primary level (small). It was graded outstanding not long ago (previous two inspections under same head teacher were good).
The school put out an advert for a new head but have appointed the deputy head as acting head teacher (permanently I think) so it looks like an arranged handover. I'm thinking the new head could either be out of her depth as she's been an official head teacher before, or could carry on with the methods that the previous head used to make the school 'outstanding' as the deputy would have been involved in this.
I have never met the deputy head and as I already got the place it was a bit late for that.
The ofsted report talks extensively about the charismatic head teacher, and at the open day I could see she would get the best out of the staff etc, she was extremely convincing.
Ofsted won't show me reports about what the school was like before she got in there some 8 years ago (but do mention that the school 'improved greatly' and that standards had risen.) Teacher assessments show results are now slightly / above average depending on intake year.
So am I right to be concerned? I just feel like this is a total gamble!
If I had known the head was leaving I'd have never even put the school on the form.

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