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I take my hat off to all infant school teachers

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emkana Sun 28-May-06 18:29:18

I used to teach secondary and thought then that teaching small chilren would be soooooooo much easier.

After dd1's birthday party today I have my doubts.
There were only seven children altogether.
I don't know how dd1's teacher manages to still be enthusiastic and smiling and interested on a Friday afternoon, I really don't.

Twiglett Sun 28-May-06 18:31:46

in answer to your last question ... alcohol

Whizzz Sun 28-May-06 18:32:02

I want to be a primary TA

emkana Sun 28-May-06 18:52:19


Dd1's teacher also helps out at children's events at the weekend -
she just seems to love them.

kipper22 Tue 30-May-06 21:12:44

emkana - in my case it's because the kids in school are often so much more interesting than the other adults!

saying that, I've always said I couldnt' teach older kids - they scare me once I can't bribe them and they can answer back! Even Year 6 is a push for me!

brimfull Tue 30-May-06 21:18:40

I used to help out when dd was in the infants.I used to come away exhausted and in complete awe of all teachers.I still think they are all amazing and should be paid a fortune for what they do.

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