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Can anyone recommend an ed psych in Oxford or Abingdon please?

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Hi there

Have you considered posting this in or ?


celestialsquirrels Sun 09-Jun-13 23:34:11

Thanks for your suggestions everyone.

The school is private so LEA no good.
I'm having a meeting with his teacher this week to discuss next steps so it is possible they will come up with the name of an ep but from what I've heard from other parents, they only assess in their own learning support dept, assessments and by the learning support teachers and if you want an ed psych report you have to source it yourself.
All seems a bit crappy really.

So are there any specific names of Ed Psychs in the area that anyone knows of and can recommend?

mummytime Sun 09-Jun-13 16:53:31

Dyslexia Research Trust do assessments you can pay for. Otherwise Dyslexia Action is pretty much nationwide.

teacherwith2kids Sun 09-Jun-13 12:58:41

If the school is an academy, then it can no longer use the services of the LEA for Ed Psychs etc, unless they 'buy' them directly....

bico Sun 09-Jun-13 11:30:04

I would speak to your LEA. The school must have some contact with an EP even if they may initially do an assessment in school themselves.

celestialsquirrels Sat 08-Jun-13 17:37:05


celestialsquirrels Fri 07-Jun-13 23:23:46

Hello. My ds9 is a bright thing but has never read a book through choice, his spelling is dreadful and his writing is immaculate but very slow. We have been told for a couple of years that he is "just a boy" and will "grow out of it" but for the first time his teacher has wondered if he is perhaps dyslexic. One of my other children is mildly dyslexic but that comes out as a processing issue - she is an avid reader and has no problem with spelling. Her ed psych was in London and has retired.

Anyway the school he is at doesn't have a relationship with an ed psych, oddly enough - they send children to their in-school learning support teachers for evaluation. I think if you are going to evaluate a child you should do it properly with a professional trained to evaluate. There must be 100s of educational psychologists in Oxford - can anyone recommend anyone there, or in Abingdon please? If you have personal experience of them anything you can tell me about them would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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