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Would you have spoken to teacher?

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MamaMaiasaura Fri 26-May-06 12:20:39

Ds told me last night in bed that a classroom assistant called him a liar. He said that he had left a letter from school under a coat while he went to loo and another child claimed it was theirs, basically it sounds like 2 6 year olds getting in a tizz over something silly. Anyway, the classroom assistant called my ds a liar and he was really upset and other kids heard and now think ds is too. Ds doesnt tend to tell tall stories it sounded like the other child was confused or even ds might have been. THing is i was really annoyed at ds been called a liar and that they are using that sort of terminology to describe yr1 children. I asked the same classroom assit this morning if i could have a word (very nicely) and she was really agressive in her response so i basically spoke to the main teacher. still really about it and for ds.

To top it off ds also said that another teacher (only teaches class once a week, scares the kids as she raises her voice and has a special puppet.. hmm) had told ds that he was deaf as his hair covers ear and made him put it behind his ears. I have no problem with ds being reminded to listen etc, but i do have a problem with him being singled out for hair style. It is longer that average but not past collar length.

Doesant help that thinking of moving schools and now they may think it is because of this and it isnt.

mrsdarcy Fri 26-May-06 12:36:30

I'd definitely speak to the teacher about this and if you're not happy with her response, speak to the head. Personal comments are definitely out of order, IMO.

LilacBump Fri 26-May-06 12:37:49

i agree with mrsdarcy

thelennox Fri 26-May-06 12:42:00

Hi. I'm a teacher - currently on maternity - and I would never call a child a liar. I would certainly keep talking to a child that I thought was not telling the truth to try and find out exactly what went on - but I would not call them a liar out and out. And, in fact I would have a serious problem with my classroom assistant doing it as well. The teacher should be in charge of class discipline - not the CA. Same applies to the hair behind the ears comment. NOT a comment a teacher should be making.
If you are thinking of moving schools, then, for me, this would just be even more evidence to support it.
I would want to speak to the headteacher about the terminology used. I know children do lie - but usually it is little white ones, and doesn't deserve that. If you say your ds doesn't tell tall stories then you know best.
Don't know if this helps, but you have every right to feel and

MamaMaiasaura Fri 26-May-06 12:45:22

It does help as didnt know if i was being over protective. When i spoke to ds teacher this morning she said 'i'm sure mrs xx wouldnt have called him a liar', when i told her well she did and that other children had told their parents too she said she would speak to the CA and my ds. Tbh I am a little concerned that ds will now be in trouble. Re the hair thing as well (which was a diff teacher/ca) ds teacher listened. thing is I know at work that if someone complains about another nurse there are loyalties even tho you try to be objective. I am concerned i have made life harder for ds

biscuitdunker Fri 26-May-06 12:57:49

Darwen, the ca's behaviour is very unnaceptable imo

Giving a child a label like that is just about the worse thing a person could do (and the school ought to know better)

If she had said to your ds 'do you think that you might be a bit confused' or even 'are you sure that you are telling me the truth' then that would have been better (because children do get confused and they do lie on a frequent basis)

but to label a child like that is just appalling

give your son lots of support and reassurance and hugs xxx

sunnydelight Fri 26-May-06 13:07:53

The ca was absolutely out of order to call your child a liar. That sort of thing really upsets children and it is totally unprofessional. I wouldn't worry about making life harder for your DS; if anything it might make the ca a bit more careful of what she says to him in future. Kids can't always stick up for themselves with other adults - that's what mothers are for

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