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HELP - quick I need to know how many weeks school holidays there are..

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helsi Thu 25-May-06 13:53:33

applying to work term time only and they need to know how many weeks I will intend to work out of the 52. Does anyone know off the top of their head how many weeks school hols there are so that Ican deduct them off?

Jasnem Thu 25-May-06 13:55:36

13 weeks plus inset days, I think.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 25-May-06 13:57:06

helsi - I work term time and get paid for 43 weeks in total - that's 39 weeks work and 4 weeks paid holiday.

helsi Thu 25-May-06 14:01:22

thanks - so saggar... do you get every school holiday off? If I apply to work 43 weeks that will cover me will it?

helsi Mon 29-May-06 08:29:11


SueW Mon 29-May-06 11:10:30

But if you apply to work 43 weeks they might think that's the actual number of days you want to spend in work i.e. not take holiday into account, surely?

helsi Mon 29-May-06 17:40:52

think i will need to speak to HR about it.

LIZS Mon 29-May-06 17:43:22

Thought around 38 weeks of actual termtime was usual.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 29-May-06 17:54:38

Sorry helsi - yes all school holidays off.

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