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This is Great

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Bumblelion Wed 24-May-06 11:51:09

My DD (13 - Year 8) came home from school yesterday with two copies of her school report, in sealed envelopes - one for me and one for her dad - we live apart.

I opened the one addressed to me and there was a lovely blue folder inside with my DD's name on the outside and her tutor group, etc.

When I opened the folder, inside was another child's complete report.

In the other envelope (her dad's one) it did actually contain my DD's report.

On reading my DD's report, one of the biggest issues for all lessons was her "organisational" skills and said there was a need for improvement.

The school is giving good examples of being organised by putting the wrong child's report inside the wrong folder.

Did make me giggle!

MerlinsBeard Wed 24-May-06 11:53:18

good that they think of giving seperate ones tho i think

meowmix Wed 24-May-06 12:23:25

I once got an English report that said "Meowmix writes briefly".

itiswednesday Wed 24-May-06 12:41:59

That is so funny I think you should send a letter

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