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Do you think I'd get any takers for this idea?

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MrsFogi Tue 23-May-06 23:04:55

I'm thinking of starting to give French conversation lessons (or play in French for younger kids) to children up to, say, GCSE level although I wonder whether I'd get any takers as I don't have any teaching qualifications and I'm not French - just enthusiasm and many years spent living and working in France (and now that we are back in England, speaking French at home with dh and dd). Do you think anyone would be interested?

MrsFogi Wed 24-May-06 08:58:40

bump for the morning

kando Wed 24-May-06 09:08:20

Why not try putting an ad in the local newsagents' window?

kipper22 Wed 24-May-06 09:55:23

sounds a great idea to me - as long as you are fluent and good with kids your qualifications shouldnt matter.

tyedye Wed 24-May-06 10:45:23

Message withdrawn

clerkKent Wed 24-May-06 12:44:41

Sounds good to me. I would approach schools rather than approach students directly, but I would expect some parents/children would jump at the chance.

sunnydelight Wed 24-May-06 19:43:51

It's always worth a go, but personally I would only be interested in a native speaker with a teaching qualification. I think a lot would depend on what else is on offer in your area. Good luck.

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Wed 24-May-06 19:59:41

Have a look at jolie ronde or something, and there's another one........ they do something similar on a franchise basis I think.

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