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End of year gift for teacher from Reception class

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JudeB Mon 22-May-06 22:33:15

I wonder if people have any good ideas for an end of year gift for my daughter's Reception class teacher and two teaching assistants that would be from the whole class?
We would like to give something personal from the children - something they could either help make or 'sign' in some way but it can't be too involved given that they are only 5yrs old.
We would be looking for a contribution of no more than £3 per child/parent so £30 per present.

sobernow Mon 22-May-06 22:38:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peasinapod Mon 22-May-06 23:16:42

Give all the kids three blank stickers and get them to sign their name on each and then stick them all onto a big card easier than passing a card around . i also defy any teacher to say she wants chocolate or a mug LOL we give ours vouchers for their favorite shop .

Tommy Mon 22-May-06 23:18:53

I would agree vouchers or something she can eat, drink or put in a vase

Or the Oxfam thing sounds really worthy....

BadHair Mon 22-May-06 23:47:52

Ds1's will be getting a litre of gin. And she'll need it by the end of the year.

kipper22 Tue 23-May-06 09:28:05

sorry, but I agree with the drink thing! This is going to sound REALLY ungrateful but I always received far too much chocolate - It was more than enough to last from Christmas to the next batch at Easter, the n Easter to end of year, etc. The wine/lager, however, was appreciated far more quickly! Despite what peasinapod posted, one of the best gifts I ever received was one of those DIY mugs - the little boy had drawn a pic of me and him and used his cute Reception writing to put a little message on the back. Maybe you could use the bulk of the money on alcohol and a little for a mug or similar that all children could draw themselves or write their names on?

gigglewiggle Tue 23-May-06 15:43:12

I got some paint pens from Baker ross for about £8 and some mugs for 49p each and my ds drew pics on each for his nursery teachers.

Would be difficult to write all childrens names on a mug though and im sure the teacher doesnt want 20 or so mugs lol

Maybe do the same kind of thing but on a plain tea towel with a little pic each child has done..then get a bottle of plonk to go with it

schneebly Tue 23-May-06 15:50:43

You could get the kids each to write something they like about the teacher on a big bit of card with different coloured pens and then frame it?

Orlando Tue 23-May-06 15:52:05

Could you take a picture of all the children and get it put on a t-shirt? OK, so she's not going to be wearing it on a great night out, but it might be a nice thing to have for pyjamas/the gym.

nikkie Tue 23-May-06 19:48:12

I always like chocolate
Also if you buy alcohol make sure they drink!Most of the staff in my class don't!
I quite like the worthy idea though, or something for the class itself or pampering vouchers

tallmummy Tue 23-May-06 19:59:53

I was a reception teacher at an independent school in SW.London long ago. I once got some theatre vouchers which were excellent. When I left to have DS1 I was given a photo album with a message and photograph from every child I'd taught. I still look through it sometimes then put it away again quick as I realise some of the older children are now in their early 20s

Littlefish Thu 25-May-06 19:32:18

One of the best gifts I ever received was a subscription for a year to one of my favourite magazines. Every time it arrived through my letter box it made me remember that particular class. The mums and dads concerned had spoken to another teacher in the school to check out their idea, and then checked with the head teacher for my home address. It was such a lovely present.

cece Thu 25-May-06 19:36:26

alcohol always goes down well in the staffroom!

notagrannyyet Sat 27-May-06 23:19:37

My eldest DS is now 26. In his time at primary school it was not the norm to give gifts to class teachers. My youngest is 9 and I discover most parents send in gifts for teacher at the end of the school year. Why is this? teachers are well paid compared to many parents. I have great admiration and respect for teachers and all they do but why give them gifts for doing their jobs?

corblimeymadam Sun 28-May-06 19:53:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cat64 Sun 28-May-06 20:17:59

Message withdrawn

notagrannyyet Mon 29-May-06 15:53:55

Didn't mean to cause offense to belgianbun or any other teacher.I work as a classroom assistant, and my own daughter has taught in primary school for the last 3 years so I'm well
aware of how hard you all work.

Handmade cards and small gifts from the children are a great way to say 'thank you'.I just think that the whole 'gifts for teacher' thing is becoming a bit of a competition between some of the mums and therefore between the children.
It's becoming more common for teachers to receive not just a £5 box of chocs or a plant, but several £s worth of vouchers. I have even seen a teacher receive expensive paper weights and cut glass after she let slip to the children that she collected these items.

I've also seen jealousy in the staff room over gifts given.Infant teachers always seem to do better than top junior teachers!

I would always contribute to a gift if a teacher was moving on or leaving to have a baby etc.But have decided not to give end of year gifts to class teachers,(even though my sons badger me to do so---- because EVERYONE does!). This is not because I'm mean or ungrateful.Instead I will give a gift ,maybe a coffee maker or similar to the staff room when my youngest son leaves the school.

corblimeymadam Mon 29-May-06 22:29:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notagrannyyet Mon 29-May-06 22:39:52

Would love to be a granny! but eldest 2 both in their mid 20s want to live life to the full & see the world. Good on them I say! So I'll keep my self busy with my not so little ones 13,11,&9 and hold other peoples babies whenever I get the chance!

corblimeymadam Mon 29-May-06 22:45:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marzie Tue 09-Dec-08 08:54:22

My husband thinks I'm mad (but indulges me) so I thought I would ask other parents: do you give a small gift to the postman and binmen at Christmas?

TeeBee Tue 09-Dec-08 11:12:41

Postman yes because he is lovely and really puts himself out to make sure I get my parcels 9looks round teh village for me or signs parcels off for me then hides them). Binmen - no bloody way! Leave crap lying in the street and are very rude.

VinoEsmeralda Tue 09-Dec-08 11:27:30

Sobernow- where can you buy the schol dinner vouchers? Sounds like a great idea!

VinoEsmeralda Tue 09-Dec-08 11:48:44

found it, just bought books, school dinners and seeds. Great idea!

tanya153 Sun 03-Jul-11 21:17:29

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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