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What happened to 2013 KS3 Maths level 6-8 papers?

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Moomelon Sat 18-May-13 10:01:00

Minimoo took KS3 maths last week but because there were no level 6-8 papers for 2013 they were given the 2009 paper instead.

Which seems a bit odd because:

A. They'd been using the 2009 paper for revision.
B. There were two sessions, morning and afternoon. So at lunchtime, when the afternoon group heard that it was an old paper, they went and looked up the answers on the internet. Some even printed the answers so they could learn them for the exam.

Can this possibly be ok? Doesn't it disadvantage the morning group quite a bit and distort the figures?

Please could someone more informed than I am explain why this is ok?

Thanks a lot in advance,


BooksandaCuppa Sat 18-May-13 10:06:07

2009 was the last year there were official, external KS3 SATs. They don't exist anymore. Only as internal assessments.

Presumably your school was using past papers as a form of internal assessment, so, yes, it is bonkers to use one they'd already given them for practice and to let the children sit any exam at different times...

Moomelon Sat 18-May-13 10:23:39

Heated discussion between Minimoo and Mrs Moo reveals a slightly different story. Apologies for not getting it straight first time.

The morning and afternoon sessions were not split as I thought. The morning was for paper one and the afternoon was paper two. What happened was the pupils all realised that the afternoon paper would be from the same year and some rushed off to the internet at lunchtime.

We didn't know that SATs had been abandoned. It looks as if the school continues to use old papers as an aid to selecting groups for GCSE streaming.

And for teacher assessment too which probably explains why the teacher took no action when they were told that cheating was going on at lunchtime.

Is that too cynical of me?

Thanks for your reply,


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