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incident at sons nursery, i need advice

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jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 21:52:20

Posted in nurseries/childminders as well but would appreciate your views too.

my son who is 3.5 yrs goes to state nursery every morning in the week. He started 4 weeks ago. Bit of background to the nursery, it is wellliked, graded gold star by ofsted. Good nursery to go to.

Nursery does training sessions for parents and the parents can put their children their in their creche for the training. Ds is allergic to eggs so i told them this on the training and said that he musnt eat eggs or anything with eggs in. anyway he was given a chocolate cake and they didnt relise till i asked how he had been, doing etc, eaten and they said they had given him an cake. When i said he shoudltn have eggs there faces changed.

Second thing and this is the bit that i am really annoyed about.

This morning took him all happy into his classroom when i returned i was greeted by an assistant who had a record book and in there was a form saying that xx fell through the grid in the pond, took a huge amount of comforting/tlc after he was found crying. Also said that they had given a lesson in pond safety.

They said and it isnt on the form that he was stuck. I saw his clothes (before i even knew what had happened)we extremely wet like almost machine wet with only a small amount of dry on them.

I kindof feel that they had been given a 2nd chance after the first one and now not sure if i should give them a 3rd and 2 mistakes have been made.

I really dont know what to do and i expressed concern at the welcome evening that a pond with a grid on might not be the safest but i was reassured that it was safe.

He ran to me when he saw me when i picked him up and i got the biggest scared cuddle ever.

Ps - am childminder so i know what they should be doin

ComeOVeneer Thu 18-May-06 21:55:24

Sorry but what on earth is a nursery doing with a pond? Just an unecessary potential danger IMO.

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 22:10:28

they say educational.

hunkercaribou Thu 18-May-06 22:13:46

I would say that the danger factor (esp if they can't be arsed to supervise, which by the fact they "found" him it sounds like they can't) far outweighs the educational factor of pond dipping and the like.

edam Thu 18-May-06 22:14:20

What a stupid idea, having a pond in a nursery. I'd be very angry, in your shoes. You can't expect a 3.5 yr old to be 'sensible' about water. Older children than that have drowned in garden ponds. And as you've discovered a grid just gives them a false sense of security.

If I were you, I'd take him out, and make a formal complaint.

WideWebWitch Thu 18-May-06 22:18:44

It's mad having a pond in a nursery imo and I would be very cross about this. Find another nursery, it's not good enough, neither is the egg incident. If a child is seriously allergic to something ALL staff should be aware of it. It's deeply concerning that your son was given eggs I think.

brimfull Thu 18-May-06 22:20:05

Sounds appalling to me.I'm shocked that they gave him cake tbh.My son is allergic to eggs and nuts and his nursery are quite rightlycopletely apranoid about it.I take it your son isn't severely allergic.

As for the in a nursery!?

Take him out.

gigglewiggle Thu 18-May-06 22:27:06

I say take him out too. It is too serious an incident not to. What if they hadnt found him for a while and he got hypothermia!

I would be very and make a formal complaint.

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 22:34:16

The head has said that they risk assess everything and the beenfits outweigh the risk. I am meeting tomorrow so thatis why i am trying to get as many different thoughts as i havent actually been given a proper explaination apart from my ds has said that the other children helped him out and he kept slipping under.

pipo Thu 18-May-06 22:41:00

I would be very angry about the pond incident.How can the benefits(presumably learning about wildlife) outweigh the risks (of a child being injured)? How did he slip through the grid? Was it on properly?

oops Thu 18-May-06 22:45:20

Message withdrawn

beetle73 Thu 18-May-06 22:49:47

Pond sounds like a terrible idea to me too. So many other things for them to learn about. It's really not necessary.

handlemecarefully Thu 18-May-06 22:50:10

Gut feel - horrendous! Both incidents (pond and egg in chocolate cake)

soapbox Thu 18-May-06 22:53:38

I think they sound completely bonkers tbh!

A pond in a nursery - why would anyone want to take the risk - if he was wet at all then he had been in danger - and inch of water is all it takes to drown a toddler!

The egg is scary, too scary really!

If it were my child, he would not be stepping one foot back in that nursery - it sounds sh*te!

soapbox Thu 18-May-06 22:54:34

Putting it another way - their actions or inactions could have killed your child twice so far!

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 22:54:44

When i spoke to the head she said that the grid is above, and is secure but i still dont know how he got so wet, dp thiniks he splashed and got wet but he was so wet

brimfull Thu 18-May-06 22:56:08

I think you should definately officially complain about the pond,what if a child drowns one day.

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 22:56:49

the shocking thing is that it has a gold star from ofsted and got outstanding on every standard.

cat64 Thu 18-May-06 22:57:42

Message withdrawn

Blu Thu 18-May-06 22:59:12

The other children helped him out and he kept slipping back under? eeek!

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 22:59:16

I feel very lucky that he is still here. So not sure what to do for the best.

rummum Thu 18-May-06 23:00:05

Maybe his weight on the grid made it sink into the water?... sounds daft having a pond at nursery.. How will they ensure this doesn't happen again... how many times has it happened before.. How come he was still wet.. why hadn't they changed his clothes?

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 23:00:58

that was he has said about it, that the teachers weretn around and the children helped him out and that he was stuck and kept slippingunder. My friends son told him mu thathe was wet but didnt know why. She knows now and they normally hang around with each other so she might find out more for me.

brimfull Thu 18-May-06 23:01:00

Appraoch ofsted,explain your worries and leave the ball in their court.Take you son out .

ComeOVeneer Thu 18-May-06 23:01:28

"ds has said that the other children helped him out and he kept slipping under."

Makes my blood run cold.

Sorry but if it were me I would get bloody serious with them if I was contemplating keeping my child there.

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