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when is next autumn's half term?

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SenoraPostrophe Wed 28-Jan-04 13:47:29

Need to know in order to plan our wedding. I know it varies, but we're going to go with the majority I think - but I do have several friends in Norfolk, so if anyone knows the dates for there that would be particularly handy.

Tetley Wed 28-Jan-04 13:55:11

You can usually look on the local council's website - although I've just checked on ours & it doesn't go that far ahead! I think that it's usually the last week of October.

mummysurfer Wed 28-Jan-04 14:03:04

we are Mon 25th Oct - Friday 29th but we're near Manchester

Hulababy Wed 28-Jan-04 14:31:40

We (South Yorkshire) are normally the last week of October - often going back at start of November.

Jaybee Wed 28-Jan-04 15:33:49

Just had a look on the Norfolk Couty Council - looks like it's 21st-29th Oct - see here

SenoraPostrophe Wed 28-Jan-04 15:37:08

thanks everyone - didn't think of looking at council websites! I *could* have asked my friends in Norfolk of course, but my MN friends are always more reliable!

bunny2 Wed 28-Jan-04 21:54:47

SP, congratulations. I didnt know you were getting married. That's great news . What a year you are having! Are you coming back here to marry or are you having a Spainish one?

pinkladyd Mon 16-Feb-04 11:26:43

Has anyone sent their child to Kumon?

LadyCodworth Mon 16-Feb-04 11:33:43

Now in wiltshire we are moving tothe 6 term year so will have a longer half term

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