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DD hates playdates - has anyone else experienced this?

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sandyballs Wed 17-May-06 14:42:08

I'm sure I have posted on this before, some time ago, but can't find it. Well things haven't improved - she's 5 and started reception in September. To begin with I assumed she didn't want to do playdates because she was new and didn't know anyone and that time would help. It hasn't. She still won't go to anyone's house unless I stay there. She loves having kids round to our house and is very sociable under those circumstances but doesn't want to go to their place. It's not as if she is even on her own, she has a twin who loves playdates and they are usually invited together. Shall I just accept that this is a "phase", albeit a long one, or should I be doing something more to help her socialise. I have tried talking to her about it but she gets nasty and aggressive and changes the subject. She isn't normally a nasty or aggressive child, just when discussing her feelings or emotions. It seems to freak her out.

sandyballs Wed 17-May-06 15:22:50


frogs Wed 17-May-06 15:33:43

If she's happy to go as long as you stay, I'd just go with it. Ds had a friend who'd only go to other people's houses if a parent stayed. He grew out of it eventually (they're now 7). Same child also used to make massive (really massive) fuss about being left at school, but grew out of that too eventually.

If there's two of them (your dd and twin) and only one of the child they're visiting maybe she feels left out? Maybe you could stay for a bit and try to nip out for a minute, eg to shop to buy some milk?

Discussing feelings at that age is a bit tricky since that level of abstractness is a bit too demanding. As long as she's happy to socialise in principle, I doubt it means she's set up for a future as billy no-mates. Reception is still very little.

sandyballs Wed 17-May-06 15:55:59

Thanks Frogs. I just think its the comparison that is getting to me, although I know you shouldn't compare kids, it's difficult with twins.

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