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Prep school choice for my boy - Lanesborough or Cranmore

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esherry Tue 10-Sep-13 11:38:47

Hi all,
Some advice would be greatly appreciated. I have three children. Eldest age 9 at 'outstanding' local state school (the ' ' might give you some indiction that I am questioning Ofsted's assessment !), Middle 7 year old is at GHS and youngest boy also at state school mentioned above. I am really unhappy with the state school. Staff turnover currently running at 50% yet no-one appears to be questioning this and continues to rehash the 'outstanding' assessment score when I question the quality of education. My neighbour was also a TA at the school and lasted 8 mths - she said that she couldn't work in such an unhappy place. My 5 year old isn't unhappy but certainly doesn't bounce to school like he used to. His teacher looks pre-pubescent but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and guess that he is about 22 and fresh from the classroom where he was sitting at the other side of the desk !!. So, we are thinking of taking my youngest out and seeing if we can get him a place at Lanesborough (Guildford). His sister is at GHS (just moved from state school) so perfect location wise. I was wondering if anyone could give me some inside info on what the school is like. My son is athletic and pretty bright (...although getting his socks on this morning might suggest otherwise :-). Any thoughts? FYI - we are hoping that my 9 yr old will also go to GHS but no places currently. Many thanks,

goobledygok Sun 26-May-13 01:04:56

Thanks chickens.

chickens Thu 16-May-13 21:02:03

It's a bit late but I wanted to give Cranmore the thumbs up, my son started in sept 2012, in Year 3.
I'm so pleased with it, he is very sporty & loves it, not an academic but he has improved loads and is doing really well at the moment. I hear that they work much harder in the seniors, eg from Year 4 but they are very good at treating boys as individuals & finding their strengths whatever they are, they have a dept for anyone struggling to keep up.
And the music dept is great.
I also looked at Aldro, which I loved but a bit too far away & more formal- my son I won't be going to Eton or Wellington.
Re state schools, Raleigh & Eastwick both have good reputations but very strict on distance.

goobledygok Mon 13-May-13 21:57:02

Auroborea - Thanks for the detailed information. My DS will be joining shell in september.

Auroborea Thu 09-May-13 22:21:52

That's great news, goobledygok, well done to your DS! You won't regret it, it's a great school and, to answer your question (sorry, haven't been on mumsnet for a few days), yes, they do get exposed to an amazing range of things. I'll echo Happymum and say that both heads are inspirational, the head of pre-prep is very involved with the boys and takes them for a number of lessons. My DS adores her and often quotes what she says! The other teachers are excellent too, the core academics are taught really well, music is fabulous of course and they do plenty of sport (although this is currently of least interest to my DS). They seem to use the facilities at the prep bit quite a lot as and when needed, and, vice versa, the prep boys use Braganza hall for productions, etc. Oh, the drama side is fantastic too, my DS is rehearsing for his second show this year. The first one (nativity) was actually really good despite the young ages of the boys! Is your DS going into Shell or year 1? Do feel free to ask or pm me if you have any practical questions.

goobledygok Thu 09-May-13 18:28:24

Thanks for sharing Happymum22. My DS has been offered a place and we have accepted this week. I do have a very good feeling about the school too gringringrin

Many thanks to everyone here. Its been really helpful.

Happymum22 Sun 05-May-13 19:02:00

My DS was at Lanesborough but over 10 years ago as he is now at med school!! He went to RGS as well.
If you want to go on to RGS then Lanesborough is the more obvious choice as the schools are linked.
DS thrived there, the space was never an issue. Remember the boys are a lot smaller than you and so that field to them is huge! I think the size made DS feel safe and a sense of community.
I know of mothers with DS there at the moment and all say the head is fab and are really impressed. Academics as well as nurturing and all the elements of a boys prep that you would want. Lots of clubs, not discouraged from doing non 'boy' things or being a bit geeky.
Following on to RGS was the best choice we have ever made for him, he thrived at RGS, found boys he really fits in and clicks with, and is now a lovely med student!

I personally dislike Cranmore but I think it is a personal choice rather than any problems there.

Other options I've heard good things about- the states as have been mentioned, St Hilarys and then aldro (Year 3 up though) for the godalming area if you want a real boys prep with loads of grounds (but traditional boarding atmosphere with some going onto Eton and Chaterhouse).

goobledygok Sun 05-May-13 00:14:03

Auroborea-Thanks for responding. I was hoping you or pairofhotskis would be around. My son has been for an assesment last week and we may have to make a decision in a day-or-two so looking for all the reassurance we can get. We toured both the pre-prep and the prep sites and totally loved the environment in the We were a bit reassured by the main site as although it is compact it does seem to have most of the facilities. Our son does seem to have academic inclinations however is also showing signs of a massive interest in sports and music (so diffcult to know this at age 4) so hoping that he gets exposure to everything. The Head reassured us that he will. Is that your experience as well ? Are you happy with your DS spending enough time away from class ?

Mumtogremlins Fri 03-May-13 22:13:01

I've tried to get places for my boys at Lanesborough but its virtually impossible. I thought it was a really lovely school but could be waiting years for a place to come up unless for reception or year 3 sad

Auroborea Wed 01-May-13 23:12:10

My DS started at Lanesborough in September and we are really happy. We had wondered about the possible lack of space at the open day, but in practice it has not (yet) been an issue. They've also just purchased a new additional site adjoining the school and we are told that exciting plans are on their way! It's a truly wonderful - academic but also nurturing - school, and I would thoroughly recommend it.

springrain Sun 28-Apr-13 11:27:46

Hi - try mumytime's suggestion of an advance search on the schools you are interested in. You just need to put school name in the word search field, select education and primary education as subject area and put in a date range of say the last 1 or 2 years. You will find a wide range of views, although it is also really important to visit the schools to enable you to form your own opinion.

Schools I mentioned are all London side of Guildford close to train routes so worth looking at.

goobledygok Sat 27-Apr-13 23:11:58

springrain - thanks for the good information. I will look these over. Not really familiar with all areas in Surrey at the moment. I do need to travel to London for my job so that is a major factor in where we land.

Still keen to hear about Cranmore if anyone has any insights.

springrain Fri 26-Apr-13 20:52:02

Goobledygok - roughly where are you moving to? You are still able to apply and go on wait lists now using your current address. If a place becomes available and you are only applicant then Surrey have to allocate it to you. Depending where you are moving to I would apply now from current address and go for some of the village schools that have less pressure on places this year than those in Guildford based on SCC's published lists. So for example Raleigh, St Matthews, Eastwick and Polesden Lacey in Horsley, Downside and Bookham. These schools often experience declined offers due to private places being taken up so even though they may appear full now spaces do come up.

goobledygok Fri 26-Apr-13 02:25:09


springrain-yes really late for state schools now. We move in July and still don't have an address.

mummytime Thu 25-Apr-13 04:02:02

If you look there are lots ofpostshere about Cranmore too.

My Dentist sends his son to Cranmore, lots of people I know have sons at Lanesborough. Several RGS teachers send their children to state schools.

springrain Wed 24-Apr-13 22:59:51

There are some very strong state schools in this area, have you considered these or were they all full?

goobledygok Wed 24-Apr-13 15:39:39

Currently looking for school spaces for my son who is 4. After looking at various schools (and discussing availability) it seems we now have a narrow list of lanesborough and Cranmore and need to decide. Seen lots of feedback from posters on this site and (as many here) I am concerened about the cramped lodgings of Lanesborough school. Would be interested to hear any views on Cranmore and the academic side of things there. Are they pushy ?

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