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First time at nursery-any stories?

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rabbitrabbit Tue 16-May-06 13:42:49


My lovely DS (3) has just started nursery. It's only for a few hours twice a week but it's a big deal for us.
The first time he went I stayed and he was fine, the 2nd time (yesterday) he got very upset (though I stayed inside for a while then came outside) and came to find me (though to be fair he did 40mins on his own whch i I was told was great).

He has never really spent much time away from us-his mum and dad so its all a bit new for us.
He's a confident little boy and doesn't hesitate to get involved-he takes himself off the moment we go anywhere (incl nursery) and happily starts to play so I'm not worried about that side so much.

He seems to love the nursery and the idea of going-so I suppose the reason for this post is to ask if you had any probs when you first sent your little one off to nursery-particularly if they'd never spent much time away from you previously-and how it all ended up?


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