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First time at nursery-any stories?

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rabbitrabbit Tue 16-May-06 13:41:46


My lovely DS (3) has just started nursery. It's only for a few hours twice a week but it's a big deal for us.
The first time he went I stayed and he was fine, the 2nd time (yesterday) he got very upset (though I stayed inside for a while then came outside) and came to find me (though to be fair he did 40mins on his own whch i I was told was great).

He has never really spent much time away from us-his mum and dad so its all a bit new for us.
He's a confident little boy and doesn't hesitate to get involved-he takes himself off the moment we go anywhere (incl nursery) and happily starts to play so I'm not worried about that side so much.

He seems to love the nursery and the idea of going-so I suppose the reason for this post is to ask if you had any probs when you first sent your little one off to nursery-particularly if they'd never spent much time away from you previously-and how it all ended up?


southeastastra Tue 16-May-06 13:52:38

My ds now 4 spent all day with me before starting nursery, I have to say the first few weeks were a bit of a nightmare as he cried alot and wouldn't let me go!

The teachers had to hold onto him while I left and eventually he got used to it and was fine. It's worse for the parent who has to leave them I think, I paced the floor until he came home!

rabbitrabbit Tue 16-May-06 14:02:05

hi southeastra, thanks for the response. I think I'm panicking because I don't want to get to the point where he's screaming and I'm supposed to walk away-I'm not sure if I can do it!
NOT that I think its wrong-just that I'm such a wuss

bobbynog Tue 16-May-06 14:13:19

Hi rabbitrabbit, DD (Then just under 2) started nursery one day a week back in september - she hated it to begin with, and would sob and cling to me, so i would run off crying! I kept on trying, and she sttled after about 10 weeks (wasonly one day a week). I found talking about it helped - i didn't want to at first as it upset her, but we talked about the other children, what she did there etc. And i also used to do a count down to the day she went - e.g. today we are going to the park, tomorrow we are going swimming then on wednesday we are going to nursery - i think this helped.
Hang in there - it is a nightmare and you will feel awful for a good few wekks yet, but he will soon settle down.

belleofball Tue 16-May-06 14:37:50

Whats happening today everyones double posting?

contrary to my post above. all my ds have been fine starting nursery.i think early preperation is the key. When they are going,what they will do, when you'll pick them up. I got books from the library showing them what to expect,they seemed to help.

rabbitrabbit Tue 16-May-06 14:57:14

hi BoB-I'm sorry but I must have missed a post? I don't understand the comment re double posting?

Yes, I know, not very bright.

Issyfit Tue 16-May-06 15:14:48

First morning at pre-school (a very low-key affair of just a few hours in the morning), DD2 took it all confidently in her stride. This is no more than we expected as she'd been tagging along there for a couple of years to drop off and pick up DD1.

Second morning at pre-school she declared that she'd 'already done it' and didn't want to go. My nanny ignored her protestations and left her there crying on the lap of one of the lovely, cuddly staff. As my nanny walked back home, a breathless mother caught up with her: DD2 had continued to cry and then projectile vomited over the floor and three nursery staff (all so comprehensively barfed upon that they had to go home to change).

Two days off to check it wasn't a bug (it wasn't) and she returned without so much as a whimper and has loved it ever since. We now get little more than a cursory wave goodbye when we drop her off.

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