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Moving house in the summer between primary and secondary

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infamouspoo Wed 10-Apr-13 09:54:36

Arse. Looks like this will be happening. How do we do the school thing? The area we may be moving too apparently has catchment areas measured in feet and we will move in the August so wont be able to apply as we wont be living in the area when all the applications go in.
What should we do?

prh47bridge Wed 10-Apr-13 13:00:48

You can apply for places at schools in your new LA through your existing LA at the normal time. It is unlikely you will get a place but you never know. You then need to check with the LA for the area to which you are moving as to when they will accept an application from your new address - many are happy for you to apply following exchange of contracts but some have other rules. When you apply direct to your new LA from your new address they must find a place for you even if all the schools are full. You then have the option of going on the waiting list for your preferred schools. You can also try appealing for your preferred schools.

ibbydibby Wed 10-Apr-13 13:43:21

We were in this position a few years ago, though eventually moved in the April, so a bit less stressful. Strongly recommend that you speak to both LAs (current and new). We got a lot of help from new LA.

As prh says you will probably be advised to list school(s) in new LA higher up the list than schools in current LA. Eg if there are 2 schools you are interested in new area, these are listed as first choice and second, then schools in old area after that. I recall that because we were listing schools "out of area" we had to complete paper form rather than do it online.

Then, when school places are announced, you will (presumably) be allocated a school in your area, having been rejected from school(s) in new area. At this point I contacted new LA again and told I had to give notice that I intended to appeal. (You have to do this, in order to be able to appeal later). I never got to appeal stage, because we moved and got the school we wanted.

Good luck, and my advice is to keep in touch with new LA.

infamouspoo Wed 10-Apr-13 15:42:40

thanks for the advice. DH and his job timing sucking

infamouspoo Wed 10-Apr-13 15:43:02

sucks. argh. slightly stressed!

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