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How on earth do people actually know which school is right for their children?

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JenaiMorris Tue 09-Apr-13 09:48:52

I'm just pondering really - ds is at secondary already and fingers crossed, won't need to move.

Looking back on how I chose primary I'm really not sure I picked the right one. I went for one that was fluffier, less strict, less pushy thinking that anything too rigid wouldn't suit him at all, but then he was 4! And actually, the more strictly structured lessons he has now (such as in maths) are the ones he does far better in.

And of course now I'm thinking that I should have sent him to a more traditional secondary grin

I often read threads on MN where posters list their requirements for a school ("strong academics", "traditional", "caring" etc etc). How do people know this?

Like I said this really is just a ponder...

duchesse Wed 10-Apr-13 21:20:39

We live in a rural area not all that far from Exeter and have a choice of two primaries, about as diametrically opposed in their ethos as it's possible to be; and two secondaries of similarly mediocre quality, three if it's a low numbers year and they have space (but the third is 8 miles away). There is one grammar in the entire LEA, to which any child in the UK has access (and plenty of parents move down here to send their children there). So not masses of choice really.

happygardening Wed 10-Apr-13 22:05:26

No not masses of choice duchessse but not no choice.

pointythings Fri 12-Apr-13 20:43:20

We had a choice of two primaries in our area, visited them both and it was very clear which one would suit our DD. At the time they were both OFSTED satisfactory but to my mind that was an unfair assessment in both cases. Both had very different strengths and weaknesses.

It has been a brilliant school for both my DDs, DD2 is still there in Yr5 now.

Re secondary we only have one, so no choice really, but it is a good school with a very strong sixth form.

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