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Jesus..i'm cross

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beety Fri 12-May-06 11:40:31

Got an interview on Monday for teaching job. I was supposed to get a letter telling me details of the day including the lesson they wanted me to teach.

I have just phoned as it still has not arrived yet and apparently the current Head Of Drama still has not given his suggestions for lesson to be I am still waiting.

No ieda, what age, what subject NOTHING!

cat64 Fri 12-May-06 11:41:48

Message withdrawn

beety Fri 12-May-06 11:42:24

school are going to chase him now.

ggglimpopo Fri 12-May-06 11:47:15

Message withdrawn

batters Fri 12-May-06 12:53:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Fri 12-May-06 12:55:34

And is he retiring or moving on by mutual or not so mutual agreement?

Agree this is totally unprofessional Beety, what a low trick.

motherinferior Fri 12-May-06 12:56:23

The only potential positive is at least you can't over-agonise and over-plan for it, honey.

<tries to put better spin on it>

Marina Fri 12-May-06 13:00:07

If it is intrinsic to the selection process and Beety has that in writing she has every right to insist they delay the rest of the process until the Head of Drama comes up with the goods.

Have the other candidates been left dangling like this? Because they should complain too.

I would have mild concern about the Head's management style beety if the HoD has got away with delaying this for so long, actually...

batters Fri 12-May-06 13:09:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beety Fri 12-May-06 13:14:13

I am guessing it is all candidates.

He is known for his last minute planning of everything. And seems to get away with it. The mantra in the school is 'It will all come together at the last minute'

Oh how some things could change!

He will sight A2 exams is my guess .

Marina Fri 12-May-06 13:15:20

So he has never worked professionally in the theatre then.

Hope all goes well with this and your hunch is right.

Christie Fri 12-May-06 13:21:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fisil Fri 12-May-06 13:22:14

Bug them until you get them beety.

I had one once where they did give me the details but then had done nothing to prepare for it before I arrived (you know, basic little things like telling me where the classroom was or taking me there on time, telling the pupils who I was and why I was there, turning up to observe until 15 miuntes into the lesson or putting on a cover teacher because the class teacher was absent that day.)

I didn't accept the job!

cod Fri 12-May-06 13:22:57

Message withdrawn

Littlefish Fri 12-May-06 13:28:06

I agree with cod. Don't bug them Beety. They are probably feeling quite embarrased about it. All the candidates will be in the same boat.

I like Christie's suggestion. Go in with a lesson fully prepared (including lesson plan etc.) so that even if they throw something at you at the last minute which you don't feel as confident with but still have to teach, you can show them that you were professional enough to put in the work beforehand and be well prepared. Say that you would be delighted to talk through the lesson plan etc. to show what a well prepared lesson of yours looks like etc.

beety Fri 12-May-06 13:31:59

the problem with planning a lesson is that i can plan a year 9 class and then they ask me to teach A2 and it all falls down.

Marina, no he has never worked in professional theatre...

Littlefish Fri 12-May-06 13:33:03

I don't mean that you would necessarily then teach the lesson you'd planned, but just that you could show them your professional attitude.

It still doesn't help if they throw you in at the deep-end though!

beety Fri 12-May-06 13:38:40

If I don't know who I am teaching, I shall not teach. I shall offer to come back and teach.

Ellbell Fri 12-May-06 13:43:50


Agree with others that this is unprofessional. Have to admit that if it was me I'd come down on the side of bugging them, although I can see where the non-buggers (???) are coming from.

Does the school have a Link Advisor or other contact in County Hall that you can contact for advice. Don't know if this is just our Local Authority or if it exists everywhere, but I was recently involved in interviewing for a new HT for dds' infant school (as a parent governor) and the Link Advisor was absolutely indispensible to the organisation of the whole process.

Good luck anyway.

beety Fri 12-May-06 13:50:56

Ellbell, this is a private school so don't think so.

I will just have to wait. I might pop in later and see what they have to say

Ellbell Fri 12-May-06 13:51:49

Grrr... not much help then. Very annoying!

beety Fri 12-May-06 14:03:40

i am meant to be meeting him for dinner tonight...(not to discuss this, as am noty discussing it with anyone I know from the school) But maybe I will drop out saying I have a lessonplan to do!!! If I have the info that is

beety Fri 12-May-06 14:34:15

still nothing....

beety Fri 12-May-06 15:37:36

do i pop into school??????

ggglimpopo Fri 12-May-06 15:39:24

Message withdrawn

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