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Gove vs Reality

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Itchyandscratchy Tue 02-Apr-13 10:37:25


If you are serious about finding out why so many teachers, school leaders, educational experts and parents are concerned about the changes Michael Gove is foisting on your children, take time to link to a few of the articles on this link.

I'm not a Marxist; I'm not a revolutionary; I'm a teacher with 20 years' experience who cares passionately about the education and well-being of children. This is by far the most worrying time I have ever known in education.

I'm not against reform, btw. Some systems in schools do need changing and making fit-for-purpose as far as preparing children for the 21st century. However, change needs to be based on research and achievement opportunities for all, not rhetoric, prejudice and narrow personal experiences of elitist education.

If you wish to question anything you have read or even if you believe what Gove is telling you, please read or watch any of these links on this site.

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