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Bond papers 11+

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formicaqueen Fri 29-Mar-13 14:20:54

I'm new to this, very confused and have probably been too laid back! My son is in Y5 and his birthday is May. I wondered what sort of scores are considered grammar school level on the Bonds verbal reasoning 11+ (9-10) papers. Not sure if we need to be working on the age 10-11 11+ papers? My DS has done four papers so far but the first one was low at 60% and the most recent was 90% at the 9-10 level. Any advice be be great.

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Amber2 Fri 29-Mar-13 16:56:08


My DS is very good on maths and has done all the bond papers 11-12 - I am doing DIY but then he is at a prep school which also does 11+ familiarisation from next term.

Another thing we've tried over Easter is the FirstPastthePost peer compare papers on the site - we did these strictly timed and you can enter the marks and see where your child is compared to peers (assuming everyone is honest)

Big wake up call for my DS was the speed required for NVR...something he is going to have to work on as he is not managing to finish the papers on time...and hopefully with more and more practice he will get quicker.

Amber2 Fri 29-Mar-13 16:58:38

by the way , I did not mean to alarm you...I am not sure you need to be that ahead on Bond maths by now...but I think as much practice as possible...also try the Manchester Grammar schools free papers on their site (they have answers) - they are pretty challenging!

Amber2 Fri 29-Mar-13 17:15:59

ON VR I would think 90% at this stage is good

superpushymum Fri 29-Mar-13 17:38:03

To be honest I would be switching to Bond 11-12 at this point. DS's prep went through all of them in year 5, I think 11-12 are closer to the actual exam, especially the non-verbal ones.

superpushymum Fri 29-Mar-13 17:40:33

Oh, I've just noticed you are still on 9-10 papers, they are too easy, switch to 10-11 and closer to exam to 11-12 ones. Good luck!

ThreeBeeOneGee Fri 29-Mar-13 19:26:35

Once they are reliably getting 85% or above on the 9-10 papers then it would be a good idea to change to the 10-11 ones.

DS1 was getting between 90% and 95% on the 11-12 papers a couple of weeks before the exam, but I can't remember how he was doing in practice papers 6 months before.

formicaqueen Fri 29-Mar-13 20:18:39

Thanks for all your help and advice! I think I'll order the next booklet ASAP and aim to give my DS a little more level 9-10 practice next week. We are doing a test a day over the Easter hols as we have time to kill. Thankfully he loves the challenge.

Is moving up to the level 10-11 and 11-12 papers quite a big jump? How bright do kids have to be to get into grammar schools? DS is a bookworm and his teacher said he will be a good level 5 in English at the end of year 6. Hes not the fastest worker though.

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superpushymum Fri 29-Mar-13 20:26:12

I am not sure about VR and NVR, but there is quite a jump in the maths book. As you probably know, there are some elements of year 6 maths in the exam, so if your child is in a state school you should be covering it at home.

postmanpatP Wed 23-Jul-14 19:15:41

Hello, perhaps it is just me, but does anybody else finds the Bond English Comprehension Third Papers ( 9-10 years) more difficult than the CGP comprehension papers (even the 10-11) ?

JanieAJ Thu 24-Jul-14 11:01:21

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