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Does anyone know anything about flexi-schooling?

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Dancergirl Wed 27-Mar-13 22:03:52

I have been considering this as an option for dd2 (Year 5) as she is not progressing as she should, but what are the legal implications? She is preparing for 11+ exams (state and indie) with a tutor and I have also been doing some work with her. She is a joy to teach and she also enjoys working with me. It's amazing what we achieve without the usual classroom goings-on.

I wouldn't home ed her as generally she does enjoy school and I feel it's important socially, however she does get quite frustrated at times as she wants to learn and there is often disruption in the classroom. We had parents' evening recently and both dh and I couldn't quite put our finger on it, but there is this nagging feeling that she is being held back.

Ideally I would love to teach her at home 1 day a week and the rest of the week she goes to school. I had always thought it was either school OR home-ed but I vaguely remember reading something about flexi-schooling in this way.

Does anyone have any experience or advice? What's the legal position and would the school even consider it?

Teachercreature Wed 27-Mar-13 23:18:40

Apparently it's back in!

No experience of it whatsoever but my DD (Y2) loves learning with me at home, so I can imagine it would be a good balance!

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