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Primary schools in and around surbiton

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Tkbmkb Tue 26-Mar-13 22:45:09

Hello, I am looking to get advice about the best schools academically in and around Surbiton (Kingston, Esher, Thames Ditton, Richmond, Wimbledon) for my son. He was born this year and for some private schools I have been looking at, the registration needs to be done right after birth. There is a huge selection of schools and I have been looking at ofsted reports but there are still so many of the outstanding schools (one of the criteria). The other criteria I have chosen is whether the schools are feeder to KCS or not. Given there is a fee for registration, I don't want to apply to more than 7-8 schools. Thanks in advance for your suggestions/comments.
In addition, can you please advise on good state schools as well.

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