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Downsend prep school

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ingaB Fri 22-Mar-13 15:01:35

Hi everybody,I am a new Mum on this blog..and and new in Surrey alltogether...We have been residing in Spain for the last 10 years,and are now coming back to the uk to live in Surbiton..The move came unexpected and everything now is being done at the last minute.Really want a good school for our 11 year old daughter (she ll be starting year 7). So far we have stopped at the Downsend prep,and are going there for an interview soon.Would so much appreciate any reviews from the parents who have or had their children in the upper Downsend,i.e. year 7 and 8. Please really need some honest feedback as dont know anybody here,please help. How good is the school for sports for older kids?I know its great for the little ones,but what about say 11+ girls,hockey,volleyball,basketball,etc? How good is it compared to other schools? And what about music? My daughter plays piano..Anyways,any ANY comments would be so appreciated....Also how do you think she ll cope going in there into the year 7 being totally new,when all she knows since the age of 3 is the school she s been going to in Spain.

LindsSA Mon 31-Mar-14 13:08:07

Hi IngaB. We are also going to be new in Surrey, moving to the UK from South Africa. My youngest daughter will be starting at Downsend in year 7 too. (my older 2 will be going to St. John's). Also a little nervous of the big change, but maybe I'll see you there in September. Good Luck with your decision. We are looking at a house in Esher. Any comments would be welcome. I am worried Esher is a bit far from the schools in Leatherhead but heard its a great place to live??

reddidi Mon 31-Mar-14 17:42:45

Hi LindsSA, you have replied to a post that is a year old so ingaB's DD (Mumsnet speak for Darling Daughter) would have started Y7 in September last year.

Lots of children at Downsend go on to/have older siblings at St. John's so it is a good choice from that point of view. Similarly there are lots of children at both schools from Esher - both schools have buses that pick up along the high street. Esher is an OK place to live but not very good for commuting - the station is nowhere near the rest of the village and there are traffic hotspots in every direction (not least Esher High Street itself). Esher station actually serves the residential area of Weston Green and the stations in Claygate, Hinchley Wood and even Oxshott are all nearer their residential areas.

I know there are expat SA parents at St. John's, and I assume at Downsend too, and even if you don't find any on induction day I am sure you will meet at matches and other school functions (the parent socials after chapel twice a term are an unusual feature of St. John's).

Dillyson Tue 01-Apr-14 22:23:52

I have a son in year 7.
The sporting opportunities are very good at Downsend, the cricket and netball tours leave for Barbados tomorrow morning! Lots of variety in the sports department, the new head is very sporty. He's also made a lot of effort with music tuition.
Several children started in yr 7 last September. There are more boys than girls in yrs 7 & 8.

PM me if you want to know anything more specific.

Katej0nes Thu 24-Apr-14 09:53:59

Hi Hun

My husband and I moved here in 2007. Our daughter goes to downsend but is only in first steps, she loves it.

I agree with other comments about Esher, lovely but not easy. May I suggest you look when you arrive, I think you will love Ashtead, there is a huge SA community in all these areas near downsend and you will meet loads of fellow south africans. Mail me if you want to chat, would love to help if I can. Very exciting times.


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