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lea2810 Tue 12-Mar-13 22:11:29

I put my daughters name down for a reception place for September, I only put one preference down as I didn't know u had to put 3 down, today I found out I'm actually not in the parish where iv put her name down even tho that school is closer to me than the actual parish I'm under, iv got told today that if I don't get a place at the school iv put down that I will get placed anywhere and only be put on a waiting list incase someone doesn't take the place they are offered...have I just ruined my daughters education by only putting one choice down as I got told I will be placed in the nearest school that has a place surely that school is going to be a crap school if it has extra places, I'm absolutly scared to death she will end up in a rough crap school!

tiggytape Wed 13-Mar-13 18:48:17

The reason why it is particularly important not to consider only popular, long-shot schools at this stage is that you are not applying on an equal footing with all other applicants. You are asking to be added to waiting lists once all places have already been filled. To get a place, you want to be as close to the top of those lists as possible.

If a school is so popular that not everyone even in its own parish gets a place then you will be behind all of those people on the list.
And if a school only has 30 places in reception, the scope for lots of vacancies arising from the waiting list is more limited than if there are 50 places or more.

CokeFan Wed 13-Mar-13 18:57:07

St Brendan's (p51) number of preferences expressed for 2012 was 72, places offered 30, one appeal (refused).

St Osmunds (p58) number of preferences 103, places offered 50, no appeals

St Columbas (p52) number of preferences 58, places offered 30, 2 appeals (refused).

lea2810 Wed 13-Mar-13 19:13:12

I've seen the intakes but on most other schools it shows the numbers in what criteria gets in but doesn't in them 3! Suppose I will just wait until April there's not much I can do now is there!thanks guys

lea2810 Wed 13-Mar-13 19:34:32

I have just emailed the lady I was speaking with yesterday at the council to change st columba's to harwood meadows...I will be further up the criteria on this school as it is in my catchment area!

tiggytape Wed 13-Mar-13 19:36:46

lea - please do ring the St Columbas school with a view to crossing it off oyur list and adding your community school (unless the council will let you go on the community school waiting list as a number 4 choice - some let you do this - others don't).

The published council figures won't tell you the numbers to get a place from category 5 - the school is VA and therefore its own admissions authority but you can ask the school and they will know.
If they say 10 got in from category 5 in 2012 - brilliant. You might be near the top of the waiting list
If they say none ever get in from category 5 - not so good. You'll be way down the list after all the in-parish Catholics who failed to get a place, and with only 30 places in total, the chances are there will be very little movement from the waiting list anyway let alone enough offers declined to move down the list dozens of places.

tiggytape Wed 13-Mar-13 19:37:11

lea - xpost but sounds sensible

lea2810 Wed 13-Mar-13 20:00:10

I went into st Brendan's today and they said that people from catorgary 5 do get I so I'm keeping everything crossed, if I think about it logically I can cross cat 1 and 4 off as its very rare for more than 1 looked after child to be catholic so I'm keeping everything crossed as I'd be at the top of the list for cat 5 as I'm basically a metre out of cat 3 so i goes of proximity in cat 5 so I'd be pretty much closest I'm guessing

tiggytape Wed 13-Mar-13 23:18:52

That's good news lea - fingers crossed you get a place next month in that case

lea2810 Mon 22-Apr-13 15:22:26

Just thought I'd update, she got in the school I chose yay xx

Blu Wed 24-Apr-13 14:47:54

That's brilliant news - very pleased for you that you got your top choice after all that stress!

lea2810 Mon 29-Apr-13 22:07:41

smile I know I was sooo stressed out!!

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