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Ofsted school Data Dashboard.

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LynetteScavo Fri 08-Mar-13 20:06:08

I've just looked at this for my DCs school.

The % of pupils who attained Level 2 or above in the Key Stage 1 writing assessment is very low.

I know DD is included in these figures, and the school marked her particularly low to ensure she received intervention from IDS because of her dyslexia. (Apparently on a stellar day she could have been graded as a low level 3, rather than a high level 1).

I can't help thinking the school have put DD before their results. Which makes me thankful she's at a school which puts the children before published data, skeptical of results, and a little bit sad outsiders will think she's at a rubbish school.

MrsMushroom Sat 09-Mar-13 00:40:47

That's an interesting piece of data. I just checked it out. But...your DD's marks haven't had a major effect surely?

I was surprised that my DDs school is so different in keystage 1 and 2. In KS1, the school seems to be in the bottom % and yet in KS2 they're in the top...odd.

LynetteScavo Sat 09-Mar-13 10:16:33

I was being dramatic yesterday when I said the attainment level at KS1 was very low (have now sobered up and looked at other schools!) but a couple of children are a larger percentage in a smaller school than a larger school...if that makes sense.

MerryMingeWhingesAgain Sat 09-Mar-13 10:18:08

Low marks in KS1 and high marks in KS2 suggests they are doing a great job of improving the children though, so I would be pleased with that.

My school is crap for, well, all of it TBH.

MrsMushroom Sat 09-Mar-13 17:54:21

Merry good point but it's a school which is in a very middle class area (sorry to hijack OP) and some of the reception enter well able to read and write. Others are just bright, well focused and'd think this might make a difference to their results but obviously not.

Elibean Sat 09-Mar-13 19:13:34

smile I think sensible 'outsiders' who bother to visit your dc's school would probably pick up the wonderfulness of a system that puts children before results. At least, one would hope so.

And those that don't...well, maybe results are more important to them!

I'm glad your dd is being well served, OP.

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