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how accurate are ofsted reports in your experiencr?

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georgedawes Fri 01-Mar-13 16:18:38

Would be interested in both parents and teachers views.

On phone so sorry about grammar btw.

Have been to visit local school which I liked a lot and have no qualms sending dd there. It is also the only real option in any case as live in a rural area. I've spoken to lots of parents and all speak highly of the school too. It's ofsted rating however is only satisfactory.

Like I said, I'm still happy to send dd there as I liked the ethos and feel of the school. I'm just curious how accurate others find ofsteds ratings?

Startail Sun 03-Mar-13 00:02:55

Ofsted certainly didn't look at art or music or drama or give a flying fuck about the schools amazing pastoral care. All things that make school bearable to my sometimes bullied socially vulnerable DD1.

Nor did they stop and thank the staff who give up their time to let DD2 do every kind of sport.

HSMMaCM Sun 03-Mar-13 00:06:09

DDs primary was graded satisfactory and it was fantastic.

darksideofthemooncup Sun 03-Mar-13 00:51:55

I have a friend who worked as an OFSTED inspector. She told me that the parameters they have to score within are so rigid that they can never be a true reflection. For example,if there is a high turnover of staff within a year, regardless of reason (they don't account for maternity leave) then the school will lose marks.
The school my Dd goes to had a satisfactory Ofsted report last year but it is a thriving, happy and forward thinking school and I'm glad she goes there.

ipadquietly Sun 03-Mar-13 14:02:53

I think Ofsted have lost credibility as the framework has changed too frequently over the past ten years. I don't think you can have a 'regulatory body' that changes tack so much, and changes criteria for excellence so easily.

No-one really knows where they are or what to believe - parents, teachers, head teachers, unions - and, eventually, no-one will give a toss.

This is bound to get worse as academies are inspected - how are the inspections going to account for each school having its own curriculum, when the new national curriculum is being followed in maintained schools? How will Ofsted judge progress?

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