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Enrichment Afternoons

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SueW Mon 19-Jan-04 20:45:31

Having watched a couple of news bulletins this evening, I acutally think this report is not giving up the whole truth but just wondered whether other schools around the country are doing this and what parents think?

FWIW, the 'pay to play' - apparently the school are stressing the charge is completely optional.

Locally the senior school has just moved its hours and now starts earlier - about 8.15am maybe and finishes much earlier too - about 2.30pm/3pm. Not sure when exactly but I hardly see any seniors around walking D to and from school now. Apparently this is part of a move to 'continental days' according to tonight's news.

Blackduck Wed 21-Jan-04 08:22:35

how does this fit with the scheme running in London, where children start earlier and finish earlier because it has been found concentration levels are better before lunch?
My immediate concerns would be>
A. they are currently saying pupils don't need to pay and won't be excluded - how long will that last?
B. Re the London scheme - it means finding extra child care for those parents who work - I couldn't pick my ds up at 2.00.....!
c. The London scheme is altering the timing of the week (not shortening it...), the Birmingham scheme seems to be taking half a day out of the school week - I have teacher friends who would wonder how that was possible, bearing in mind the curriculum that has to be delivered...

tallulah Wed 21-Jan-04 17:59:46

There was something in the papers yesterday about a Govt scheme to change primary school hours to 8 am to 12.30 or 1 pm. Doesn't quite fit in with trying to get mothers back to work.

fisil Wed 21-Jan-04 19:07:01

We work a "continental day", we start at 8:20 and finish at 2:40. We went over to it about five years ago, and there has been a dramatic improvement in behaviour and students' focus on work. Their children are older, so there is not a childcare issue. Our students all find their own way to and from school!

rosiesmumof4 Fri 23-Jan-04 00:49:24

Hi, new here, my oldest 3 already start school at 8.30 am - the 5 y.o finishes at 3.15 om, the other 2 at 3.30pm, from YR6 onwards thgey finish at 4 pm - i don't see how by moving the start of the school day back by 30 mins they are going to save 2 hrs +

rosiesmumof4 Fri 23-Jan-04 00:52:08

meant to say to Fisil - how old are your students - my friends child has just started secondary (Yr7) and does continestal hrs, i'm not certain think he finishes 2.30 pm but she still has to pay child care for him as even though he makes his own way to school and back she doesn't like leaving him alone for so long (ie 2.30 till 5.15 or later0

allatsea Sat 24-Jan-04 14:05:06

there are already primary schools who have a shorter day because they have shorter/fewer break times. It's gone well in that there is the chance to have extended lesson times so that you have the chance to really get to grips with things, and behaviour is improved in class because there are fewer fracas on the playground.

fisil Sat 24-Jan-04 19:15:17

rosiesmumof4, I do teach in an 11-19 school. I didn't really know how to put it in my message, as I don't want to seem to condemn the children or parents that I work with, many parents don't really seem to know or care where their children are, or what or how they are doing at school. For example, we do not send home reports, but ask parents to collect them when they come to parents evening, in an attempt to tempt more along to meet us, but we still only get 50 - 60% turnout.

We do have some fantastic parents, I know of one who works til one so that she can be home when the kids get in. I think in a lot of our households there will be someone in the house most of the day anyway. But I know a lot of kids do go back to an empty house, or hang around in the streets.

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