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Has anyone ever donated to their alma mater?

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Tasmania Thu 21-Feb-13 16:15:46

Just that, really.

I see a lot of threads that complain of the lack of bursaries available at independent schools or even the high fees now charged by universities. Or people complain about the lack of facilities at state schools... all the while, never thinking about parting with their own money.

In the U.S., schools like Phillips Exeter Academy can make offers needs-blind due to their huge endowments that has been accumulated over (presumably) centuries. If the family of an accepted candidate has an income of less than $75k a year, then that child's education will be free. They offer aid for families all the way up to those with a family income of $200k a year.

Same thing goes for Harvard. Yes, outside of the U.S., we think it's an elitist uni where only the rich can go, but if you are good enough to get in, your family does not pay tuition unless they earn more than $150k a year. And even above that, your parents may pay only 10% of their annual salary, which makes it a much cheaper option than British universities.

Again, the above can be done partly due to endowment funds that are frequently 'stocked up' by alumnis. If we ever want the same system, I think all of us should donate to our alma mater now.

Goes off to alma mater's website to donate a small amount.

Southwest Fri 22-Feb-13 23:35:53

Friend of mine used to work for CRUK (in a research capacity) I found the stories about multiple first class flights between London and Manchester because they needed to use their budget up or they would loose it nauseating.

I dont trust how my uni would spend it, they already have lots of money and the American type cold calling makes my skin crawl.

Gave up sponsoring my child when the company linked up with a botteled water manufacturer (I still feel bad about that), I also hate those lets send a) someone rich and famous to tell us all how terrible poverty is
b) some random person

type stories

sorry charities but its an instant cross off from me if you've got that much spare cash

chuggers drive me crazy too, there are a lot more around recently I think

BTW I do still give regularly!

Southwest Fri 22-Feb-13 23:36:15


Southwest Fri 22-Feb-13 23:36:27

Flip it I can spell!!

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