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Tory by-election candidate on state education....

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seeker Sat 16-Feb-13 14:12:40

......sorry it's the Daily Mirror, but so far it's that or the Huffington Post! At least they are showing their true colours......

Tansie Wed 20-Feb-13 15:45:37

Thornden is in Eastleigh, as a point of boundary law! grin but I know what you mean, and yes, I doubt Thornden would do as well if it had to swap intake with one of 2 of the other schools in the Borough.

And no, it's pretty stupid to declare that if you want to be taken seriously as the local population's representative!

lainiekazan Wed 20-Feb-13 12:43:06

I used to live in Eastleigh and I must admit I would not have sent the dc to a secondary school there. Leave Thornden out of it. You would not get into Thornden if you live in Eastleigh itself. And, sorry to say so, but Thornden wouldn't be Thornden if it swapped its kids with those from an Eastleigh school.

That being said, you wouldn't say so to anyone living there, let alone if you were hoping to be the MP!

DadOnIce Tue 19-Feb-13 19:37:21

Just treading more carefully on these threads than I used to under my last name smile Looking back over some of them, there has been a little wilful revisionism which I was not around to correct... and I was accused of having "cronies"!!

TheOriginalSteamingNit Tue 19-Feb-13 18:53:44

Yes, you can wink. I have decided.

seeker Tue 19-Feb-13 18:32:34

Can you have unmitigated sense? Well, if you can, he most definitely has!

TheOriginalSteamingNit Tue 19-Feb-13 18:26:24

dadonice has spoken unmitigated sense throughout this thread grin

seeker Tue 19-Feb-13 17:58:15

Oh, dadonice- be careful! I get pulverised every time I suggest that!

DadOnIce Tue 19-Feb-13 17:24:50

I confess I was attempting to inject a little levity (I held off calling him Tarquin), but I do think my basic point stands - that if you are genuinely in need, school fees are simply not on your radar. If you can afford them at all, even if it's by "scraping together", you're already on a different planet financially to many of your would-be constituents. None of this takes away from the fact that she's made a very ill-advised comment and is now attempting a hilarious backtrack.

GrowSomeCress Tue 19-Feb-13 17:20:23

DadOnIce I was actually talking about the fact that her car broke and she couldn't afford to fix it - and other normal things

DadOnIce Tue 19-Feb-13 17:06:19

I'd suggest that for most people genuinely "struggling to afford things", school fees are not top of the list - regardless of how badly you might think your child fits into state education.

Tansie Tue 19-Feb-13 16:21:36

Which makes it all the odder that she couldn't see that her remarks could, at best, be considered 'inflammatory'!

GrowSomeCress Tue 19-Feb-13 16:19:31

DadOnIce nice attempt at making her out to be posh and rich but she's struggling to afford many things like most normal people

DadOnIce Tue 19-Feb-13 13:20:19

I'm sure little Hutchings opined at the supper table, "Mater, I wish to be a cardio-respiratory surgeon! Kindly arrange suitable education for me forthwith!"

seeker Tue 19-Feb-13 12:51:34

Saying that you can't get adequate education for a child with ASD where you live is very different from saying it was impossible to get an education for a gifted 5 year old!

prh47bridge Tue 19-Feb-13 12:49:13

No, that is not what the clarification means. According to her she actually said that where she was living at the time it was impossible to find the right provision from the local state schools. Saying, for example, that the state schools where I live do not provide properly for a child with ASD is not the same as saying it is impossible to get an education at a state school for a child with ASD.

Erebus Tue 19-Feb-13 11:49:15

grin seeker

seeker Tue 19-Feb-13 11:43:03

Ah. The clarification means that what she actually said is that it is impossible to get an education at a state school for a gifted 5 year old. So that's all right then.

bugster Tue 19-Feb-13 11:31:14

Anyone, politician or otherwise, who says 'my child is very gifted' makes me want to chunder....

Tansie Tue 19-Feb-13 11:21:17

see here so not just The Mirror!

A 'clarification' that muddies the water further?! grin

Tansie Tue 19-Feb-13 11:14:32

I'm just amazed that a woman who considers herself to be of the calibre necessary to represent the voters of Eastleigh in parliament can fall so spectacularly at the first hurdle, namely alienating the parents who send DC to either Toynbee or Thornden. Managed to annoy both in one throw away sentence.

Not terribly clever!

seeker Tue 19-Feb-13 11:01:06

"Mr O'Farrell, writing on Twitter after the comments came to light, said: "So the Mail have gone for me on something I already volunteered about myself, which I said in 1984, and acknowledged was wrong as I said it."

Shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan said: "I'm sure if you asked him now whether he [Mr O'Farrell] agreed with that [the comments] now he would say no."

He said the book was written 20 years ago, adding: "Some of it is in bad taste and should not have been said, but he was writing a book that was at the time, very funny, very witty."

He said the comments were "probably bad humour - him trying to be funny, but clearly not funny".

From the BBC website. Among other places.

prh47bridge Tue 19-Feb-13 10:53:18

If we exclude everyone who has ever said something to the media that is open to misinterpretation from being an MP we will have very few candidates left.

Seeker keeps saying she will believe the Daily Mirror's interpretation of the comments until the Conservative Party issues a clarification. To be honest, given her clear bias, I doubt anything the Conservative Party says would change her view. And in my view, for the Tories to attempt a clarification at this stage would be poor media management. The Daily Mirror is the only paper that has chosen to interpret the comments in this way. They are hostile to the Tories and their interpretation of two sentences from an interview given to another paper is, at the very least, an extreme interpretation of the alleged quote. To issue a clarification or correction would give the story oxygen and may lead to more people believing it is true on the Yes, Minister principle - never believe anything until it has been officially denied.

There is no dispute that the Labour candidate in this election wrote, "In October, 1984, when the Brighton bomb went off, I felt a surge of excitement at the nearness of Margaret Thatcher's demise. And yet disappointment that such a chance had been missed." That is offensive to say the least, even if it was, apparently, intended as humour, and could be read as supporting terrorism. You may not like Margaret Thatcher/John Major/Tony Blair/Gordon Brown/David Cameron/Ed Milliband and may disagree with their policies. No problem with that. But in my view it is completely unacceptable to express disappointment that one of them hasn't been killed in a terrorist attack. Of course, he wrote that 25 years ago, at which time he also said he had wanted the UK to lose the Falklands war. Maybe his views have changed but he hasn't disowned those comments.

Faxthatpam Mon 18-Feb-13 23:47:09

Aaargh this thread is like groundhog day.
Whatever she knows/doesn't know about local schools, whatever education she has chosen for her children, the fact remains that it was a fucking stupid thing for a candidate to say to a journalist during a by election.
She is a stupid woman, therefore she should not be an MP.

FillyPutty Mon 18-Feb-13 22:24:47

She didn't openly or brazenly say anything. Two sentences appeared in a Daily Mail article that are very unlikely to be verbatim quotes of what she actually said.

She is (or was, certainly), a governor here:

having got her older son a diagnosis of autism and a place at that school.

I would wager that she knows more about the educational needs of her children than the journalists trying to turn it into a scandal. I bet she knows more about local schools than the leader of the party (one N. Clegg) who are the leading opposition in her seat too.

Erebus Mon 18-Feb-13 22:08:23

No, our catchment has remained stable for many years.

TBH, I'm not sure the point you're trying to make, filly.

Yes, you cannot necessarily get into Thornden from out of catchment, one that's a couple of miles wide and 3 1/2 miles long, but you can sure as hell get into Mountbatten in Romsey (a very good choice, esp as it's very 'comp') or Kings in Winchester (more GS'y) from miles away.

The point remains that this prospective MP has openly and brazenly in a manner as yet not 'corrected' by her party, implied that the only way her DS can become a what was it?- 'thoraco-respiratory surgeon'?- is by going private.

She is a disgrace, one that further proves that however clever you think you are, don't say stupid things.

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