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Worried she may be dyslexic .........

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nutcracker Sat 17-Jan-04 22:05:03

Yesterday my friend went to her DD1's parents meeting, where she was told (not for the first time) that she wasn't doing very well with her reading and writing (she is 6). Apparently, my friend has noticed this herself and really tries to encourage her dd but said that she really looks like she's struggling to even know what the word is, never mind read it or write it. She said that she quite often writes letters back to front. She mentioned dyslexia to the teacher and she said that she was overreacting but also said that they wouldn't know if she was or not. She is extra worried because her dp had alot of trouble with reading and writng at school but was never actually checked for dyslexia.
I was really sure what to tell her as i don't have any experiance of dyslexia at all. Do dyslexics have trouble with just reading and writing or other subjects too. Her teacher said that she is really good at maths. I told my friend that maybe then it,s just that maths is going to be her strong subject and not reading and writing. My dd isn't very good at maths but is excellant at reading and writing.
Also, if she does think she's dyslexic who can she see about it because the teacher didn't seem very helpful ??
Sorry for such a long post

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