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Dyspraxia - Breurn abbey - looks fab...but my son is only 6 ...

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Oxfordmummy Mon 11-Feb-13 15:23:11 son has just been diagnosed with dyspraxia ....the school which looks the most suitable is breurn but as our son is only 6 what on earth do we do with him until he is old enough to go there - assuming of course he gets in...? He loves his current prep school but....slowly but surely his confidence is being eroded and he spends half of his time with the reception class as he can't keep up with his year group ...give it another six months and he will I'm sure be less confident than he is now
To be fair to his current school they have been fabulous and were in fact the ones who have worked out with the support of an education psyc of what was "wrong" but do I therefore have to leave him there for another 18 months to two years...? What has anyone else done to bridge this gap? Love to hear from someone who has had the same challenge as I have now got...!

mrz Wed 13-Feb-13 21:07:30

three months!

neolara Wed 13-Feb-13 21:08:54

What did the EP's report say? What tests did she use?

Shallishanti Wed 13-Feb-13 21:11:40

My ds went to a fairly standard state primary and now secondary, he hasn't been excluded from his peer group, but withdrawn into small groups (same age) for extra support - in primary- in secondary he had a TA giving 1-1 support in all lessons where a lot of writing was required, he had a detailed IEP which was communicated to all his teachers. And a laptop, a scribe, and extra time in exams.
Have just asked DS what he thinks about what your school has done, he thinks he will end up being bullied by his peers
I'm sorry but I feel quite upset for him, the school is failing him big time

mrz Wed 13-Feb-13 21:17:23

I teach in a standard state school but have had training to deliver appropriate therapy for DCD which would not involve teaching a child out of year group for three months or three minutes!

Callthemidlife Wed 13-Feb-13 23:45:58

My DS dyslexic and dyspraxic. TBH your school sounds as if it is in the dark ages. DCs school is also an academic prep. He is in yr, comfortably keeping up (albeit with 'd's for quality of written work and some pretty poor games reports). He is withdrawn from class (he does not do Latin, in earlier years he used to skip some morning assemblies, some art classes) and he uses this time for 1-1 (sometimes free 'group' work, and sometimes i pay extra if external therapists used). We have a written plan in place and all his teachers know to give him leeway for rocking in late to class, for forgetting to bring the right equipment, for forgetting to write down homework, etc. in a way he is really lucky, he drifts round with that 'head in the clouds' persona and is allowed to be excessively 'boyish' and he still benefits from a rigorous academic environment. But that what I pay for. And what I expect. And when a musical instrument was recommended for his fine motor skills, it was timetabled in to ensure he didn't miss key lessons. Likewise when I went in and asked for more typing support I got it.

Schools should,be judged on what they do for those outside the bell curve, not for those inside it, and you are a paying customer with choices. You really need to go in with guns blazing, asking why your school is not doing what other private schools are, because it ain't rocket science.

Also you may want to look to occ therapists, run your DS past a behavioural optometrist and take a look at some of the oddball places like tinsley house. Definitely buy 'the out of synch child' book from amazon. A smorgasbord approach has - in our experience - benefitted more than relying on just one route forward. The SN boards on MN are very good (but sometimes very strident). Lots of mums have trodden your path, and its tough, but ok. The key is to - as others have said - narrow down the specific issues or your son (you only have the headline at the moment), because that is the key to unlocking the right combination of therapies.

I would reiterate that I am appalled by your school's actions so far. Even without an assessment it is a very blunt approach.

Oxfordmummy Sat 23-Feb-13 09:57:47

Thank you everyone for all your advice...meeting with school scheduled now for a couple of weeks time armed with lots more opinions and thoughts is very helpful....thank you all!

acebaby Sat 23-Feb-13 23:17:06

From your name, I think you might be within reach of the Unicorn school in Abingdon. I have heard that they work wonders with children with specific learning difficulties. I know a couple of children who went there, and their parents speak very highly of it.

Might be worth a look? I think they take children from year 2.

gruffalocake2 Mon 19-Sep-16 22:13:16

Oxford mummy did you find a good school in the end? We have a similar situation in the same area and I'm looking for possible independent options or any other advice!

TheDeskIsMyHome Tue 20-Sep-16 13:30:59

Gruffalocake2 my son is at Bruern Abbey if you want to PM me

Violetsarentalwaysblue Tue 20-Sep-16 15:20:36

Assuming from you're user name you're in Oxford have you looked at Unicorn in Abingdon?

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