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Are there non-selective private senior schools?

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PrettyBelle Thu 07-Feb-13 13:12:09

Hello! DS will be sitting 11+ exams next year and there are not that many senior boys' schools around us (Shalford). RGS will be the first choice, there is also Duke of Kent, Reeds and Royal School (the last two are quite far away already). Is there going to be tough competition for places in all these schools? DS is bright and hard-working but he is in state school now and you never know. What other options would he have otherwise? (except for the state secondary, obviously).

homebythesea Thu 07-Feb-13 13:34:13

Not non-selective but some are less selective than others IYSWIM. You will know that of those you have mentioned RGS is the most selective of all!! If you are thinking of Reeds then consider St Johns (easier to get to by train from Guildford) which has a similar entrance requirement (but is only 13+ so may not suit). City of London Freemens takes at 11+ but obviously a bit further out, but may have buses etc. I know that Duke of Kent is well thought of by those whose boys wouldn't hack a more academic environment. Not sure what Cranleigh (prep) requirements are these days but that would be close for you. Churchers in Petersfield easy to get to by train from Guildford, but as you get further away you need to bear in mind that some of his friends may live equally far away in the opposite direction which makes soacialising difficult.

We moved away from Guildford for exactly this reason - boys very badly served!

But on timing you may need to act quickly - lists close quickly!

PrettyBelle Thu 07-Feb-13 13:36:51

Thanks homebythesea! What do you mean lists close quickly? I thought they accept applications by about November 2013 to sit the exams in January 2014?

homebythesea Thu 07-Feb-13 13:36:56

Also friends in G'Ford considered Frensham Heights for their DS who was not likely to get into an "academic" school - but it would have been a schlep

homebythesea Thu 07-Feb-13 13:40:42

you may be right - we did 13+ so maybe the system is different for 11+ ??

PrettyBelle Thu 07-Feb-13 13:45:56

I was thinking that if he doesn't get into a senior school, to place him in prep school that goes up to age 13 and then make a move. Would that work or is there something I am missing here?

seeker Thu 07-Feb-13 13:47:17

What other options would he have otherwise? (except for the state secondary, obviously)."


BlueStringPudding Thu 07-Feb-13 14:05:34

The Royal School is just opening their Boys' Senior School this September, and so should have places. They run a shuttle bus from Haslemere train station to the Girls' Senior school site, and I imagine they may well do the same for the boys site at Hindhead - if so the train might make it more accessible. Certainly I know of pupils coming in from Woking..

holidaysrcoming Thu 07-Feb-13 14:23:52

aww... maybe prettybelle is just saying she knows what her local state secondary is so doesn't need a pointer there?!! I know buses go from G'ford station to St George's Weybridge.

Even if you are considering prep for a few years, you'd be applying for 13+ this year all the same.

As an aside, I live fairly nearby and current year 5 is a huge birth rate year. Is it the same in G'ford?

JoanByers Thu 07-Feb-13 14:25:14

King Edwards in Witley is not far away, and you shouldn't have any problem getting in.

Reigate Grammar I don't know anything about, but it's an easy journey to Reigate by train from Shalford.

PrettyBelle Thu 07-Feb-13 14:40:02

Thanks everyone for yor helpful posts!

JoanByers, I didn't think of King Edwards - when you say that it's not difficult getting in - surely, it is still pushy to a good extent, with great teaching, great results, etc?

I do wonder why RGS is so popular and believe that its central location should be one of the reasons after all (notwithstanding academic strength etc).

PrettyBelle Thu 07-Feb-13 14:42:30

holidaysrcoming, not sure about Guildford in terms of birth rate of the current Year 5. If it's any indication, when I applied for junior school for DS he was on a couple of waitlists and was eventually offered places in all those schools. So it doesn't look like there was an unusually huge amount of children.

JoanByers Thu 07-Feb-13 14:59:25

er, I am not sure what you mean by pushy to a good extent? Is that what you want?

King Edwards results are on their website, they are quite pastoral/naice, and I think they might send one typically to Oxbridge each year. Worth a visit anyway.

RGS is so popular because it is in the top few in the country of day boys schools in the country for A Level, GCSE, and Oxbridge entrants, and by some distance the most successful for the same in Surrey.

It is also less than half the price of Winchester, Eton and similar.

I'm not sure that the RGS location is that great, limited grounds, no buses, but it does have the trains at least.

PrettyBelle Thu 07-Feb-13 15:31:16

JoanByers, yes, I like pushy. smile I see how much more progress DS has been making since I started giving him more homework and encouraging to try harder. If he is left to be he won't be doing his best and it would be a shame.

There are actually lots of buses that go RGS from all over Guildford and the Bus Station with routes to/from other towns is quite close by.

But it is cheaper than others, that's for sure.

PrettyBelle Thu 07-Feb-13 16:00:56

Another question please, knowledgeable mums. smile

If DS will be sitting exams in a few schools can I be certain that exam dates will not overlap? And how many options is normal to have, i.e. how many exams cam a child sit within a short period of time? Not to mention that each school will come with £100 registration fee.

GinandJag Thu 07-Feb-13 16:52:55

The exam dates shouldn't overlap. Schools in a particular area work together to make sure of this. If there is an overlap, they will undoubtably allow you to sit the test at another time.

There are non-selective senior schools, even if they have an assessment day.

trinity0097 Thu 07-Feb-13 17:17:56

I work in a school that has an entrance assessment, but this is basically to assess whether or not a child can cope with a mainstream environment rather than needing a special school. We may offer places win the proviso that the child has extra learning support lessons for example.

kazysgirl Thu 07-Feb-13 17:22:56

St Georges in Weybridge is an amazing school, fantastic grounds, brilliant facilities, indoor tennis courts and the education is excellent. Co-ed, No Saturday school apart from fixtures if he's in a team sport. Selective academically and the Head runs a tight ship. RGS came 5th in the country for academic results beating Eton in the league tables. Boys only day school, no Saturday school except for team fixtures. Full of very intelligent young men, with lots of little geniuses. Very sporty, right in the middle of town, but no school coaches all boys come in by train. Only downside a lot come in from Cobham, Esher,etc and even London because the train connections are so good that friendships and socialising could cause a problem with them living far away. Frensham Heights is a performing arts school, and has an unusual approach to discipline, no uniform, call teachers by their first names. No awards, trophy's or credits. So quite unusual, but does suit some. Nice relaxed environment, none of the ususal pressures but you have to be self motivated, and its a non selective school, just sit an assesment paper. Hope that helps.

homebythesea Thu 07-Feb-13 17:31:56

King Edwards has the reputation of being a bit of a zoo- bullying not dealt with etc etc. may not be actually true but that is what the local gossip says!

racingheart Thu 07-Feb-13 18:31:17

Probably too far from where you are, but there's Claremont in Esher which is non selective but has a good reputation locally as a friendly school where pupils thrive. And it has lovely grounds.

City of London Freemans' at Ashtead is lovely too. Co-ed, great for non-academic subjects -really supportive of art & drama pupils. It has wonderful facilities. (We looked at it and really liked it, but it was too far away from us, geographically.)

Reeds is getting more academic. I know several boys who I'd expect to walk the exam who didn't get in this year, and weren't even placed on the reserve list.

There's St Johns in Leatherhead? Don't know much about it, but worth a look. Less academic than Reeds and RGS.

These schools all have entrance exams, but some are more to place pupils' ability rather than to turn them down.

OP you are right that for 11+ you can apply right up to the deadline before the exam - usually November before the exam. 13+ seems far more complicated.

RGS is academic. 30% of their 6th form go onto Oxbridge and most of the rest to London, Durham or other Russell Group unis. But if your son is expected to get levels 5-6 in Yr 6 sats, then he should be fine.

homebythesea Thu 07-Feb-13 19:02:11

I would argue about Reeds being more academic than St Johns - especially as St Johns now has girls to bump up the grades grin

JoanByers Thu 07-Feb-13 19:07:31

Reeds I suspect is more oversubscribed than St Johns. I think they are much of a muchness

manicinsomniac Thu 07-Feb-13 19:54:44

There are loads.

I work in a non selective prep and every year we get children with significant learning difficulties into quite a wide range of senior schools. Of the top of my head the following have no or almost no academic selection:
Kingham Hill
Dean Close
Whycliffe (sp?)
Bruern Abbey (sp?)

I guess boarding would have to be an option for your to consider those though, I don't know if it is.
I don't know much about London day schools but they surely can't all be selective.

GinandJag Thu 07-Feb-13 21:03:28

Reeds often takes those who fail to get into St George's. I think it is only mildly selective. Lovely pastoral care.

JoanByers Thu 07-Feb-13 22:32:15

As I understand it they have many applicants per place (9?), but OTOH, they might make 6 offers per acceptance, so you can't really tell how oversubscribed they are from that.

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