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Any views on Devonshire house n The Village school nw3

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bunny606 Tue 05-Feb-13 22:13:09

Looking at schools in nw3 any parents who have children there or anyone local heard anything? Any feedback greatly appreciated smile

EverybodysSnowyEyed Wed 06-Feb-13 16:21:02

The village school has just had an ofsted which is excellent

I would be interested to know if parents agree

kaisey123 Tue 18-Feb-14 21:55:10

I think it is excellent. Only wish my son could go there too. Perfect mix of academic and pastoral care. The teachers and other parents are fantastic. i don't have to worry about my daughter pretending to be 13 by the age of 7. The 11 year-olds are all incredibly impressive and very confident.

Givethatdogabone Fri 13-Jun-14 23:10:15

My daughter is at the Village and is absolutely loving it. She is flying academically and the sport / dance programme is amazing, the food is great and the teaching staff are all wonderfully supportive. My youngest daughter starts in September 2014 too.

KittyVonCatsington Sun 15-Jun-14 18:29:22

Givethedogabone you have only ever posted on Mumsnet to reserect old Village School posts, saying how wonderful it is (other threads included here: and you are doing it again as there are two old VS posts you have added to on Education.

You don't run the school do you?!

mumofthreelondon16 Wed 20-Jan-16 10:36:07

We are in our 4th year at the village with 2 girls there and we love it so much. happy, confident, joyful girls who get amazing results and thrive in their secondary schools. Engaged teachers, amazing outdoor area. Down to earth parents. Wonderful community events. Just all around great school.

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