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Help! 10+ interview in City of London school for boys

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koss Sun 03-Feb-13 14:21:32

Hello, I am new to this site. My DS has shortlisted for the CLSB 10+ interview. Has anyone got any previous experience? Just want some help what type of preparation needed etc.

hellsbelles Sun 10-Feb-13 10:55:45

I'm afraid I don't. Really really hoping we are in with a chance for one as it would make such a massive difference...but I"m getting ahead of myself - he needs to get a place first!

hellsbelles Sun 10-Feb-13 10:58:06

sorry - one more thing. They do tend to ask a logic warn him it's worth considering a question may have a few different angles to it.

sicutlilium Sun 10-Feb-13 12:12:51

koss you can get an idea of how many academic scholarships they offer t 10+ here - scroll down to 24th April 212 announcement:

OhDearConfused Sun 10-Feb-13 13:29:16

Not many at all, certainly compared to 11+.
Makes sense I suppose, at 11+ they are competing against Westminster and st Paul's etc, not so at 10+. So no real incentive to award more.
Still .... Getting ahead of myself: need a place and would be delighted with just that

hellsbelles Sun 10-Feb-13 15:00:15

that's helpful Sicutlilium - so 4 academic ones last year at 10+

sicutlilium Sun 10-Feb-13 15:30:07

OhDear the Westminster & St Paul's scholarships are not awarded on the basis of their Y6 pre-tests.

OhDearConfused Sun 10-Feb-13 15:36:27

My point was that city have to award scholarships to compete for the best ( of the best) at 11+, but don't needvto at 10+

sicutlilium Sun 10-Feb-13 15:42:48

OhDear - sorry, yes, I see what you mean, and I think it's part of the picture, but those looking at St Paul's and Westminster would probably be looking at City's 13+ entry.

singersgirl Sun 10-Feb-13 16:20:09

Well, strictly speaking, not necessarily as there is an 11+ entry point into both Westminster and St Paul's (via Colet Court, the prep school). Colet Court also offers a 10+ exam for deferred entry for state school boys, so City is competing at 10+ with KCJS and CC, if not Westminster. I do know that Colet/St Paul's only offer honorific scholarships, though - if you want money off the fees you need to be eligible for a bursary.

OhDearConfused Sun 10-Feb-13 16:47:55

Was just speculating as to why so many at 11+ compared to 10+!

Toomanyworriedsonhere Sun 10-Feb-13 16:58:49

I heard that scholarship interviews are with the headmaster, so I guess you'd know if your DS was up for one?

sicutlilium Sun 10-Feb-13 18:07:54

Yes, I think the letter inviting DS for interview specifies if it is a scholarship interview.

Shaded Mon 11-Feb-13 15:27:30

Interview over!!!! Just have two more days to wait. All our DSs have done so well to get this far and hope we all get good news.

OhDearConfused Mon 11-Feb-13 15:44:24

So do I. :-)

(But sadly of course we can't!)

Farewelltoarms Mon 11-Feb-13 19:58:31

Hello can I ask you all a question before you get the results? Would you recommend going through the 10+ at City. I've got a y4 boy and I'm in two minds. On the one hand, yes brilliant to get it out the way if they get in or at least get in some exam practice if they don't. On the other, I feel sad about him not having y6 at his school (plus guilty since his sats results would likely be good) and also denying ourselves other options (i.e. UCS and Highgate). He's top ish of his state school class but I wouldn't say a dead cert for any of these schools (i.e. he's bright but far off genius level plus lacking any other particular accomplishments).
I like the idea of having a go since it seems a bit all or nothing at 11. But like I say I have reservations and I wonder what's the point of us all going through this if even the best case scenario gives me a weeny dilemma...
Are you glad you've opted for it?

hellsbelles Mon 11-Feb-13 19:58:33

Shaded - how did it go? Was he o.k?

OhDear - why not? There aren't 40 of us on this thread and there are 40 or so places up for grabs! We could make it a clean sweep.

hellsbelles Mon 11-Feb-13 20:12:14

Farewell - same thought processes here - I wanted him to do it while there was less pressure but equally I'm worried that if he does get in we don't get the possible choice that we would have at 11+

So no huge insights I'm afraid. He does have some good friends who have also got to interview stage so if they do all get in together that would make our decision of whether to accept the place (if we get it!) a bit easier.

Shaded Mon 11-Feb-13 21:02:46

hellsbelles he said it went well, same format as discussed earlier, but did not really grill him. And yes Ohdear we are few in this thread so hoping for the best for all our DSs.

Farewell I grappled with the same issues you raised and what really decided it was the fact that City is our top independent school choice anyway so if he gets in early then all the better. The tough part is knowing that we may be writing off the grammar school options but am not sure my DS is the kind of boy that will be top 180 out of 1500 children anyway. If he gets in this time guess I will never know.

I also know from friends with kids in Yr 6 that the first and second terms are focused on exams and interviews and it only starts being carefree in the last term.

So just my 'short' way of saying that there are pros and cons either way.

OhDearConfused Mon 11-Feb-13 21:33:59

Ah by "we" I thought we meant all applicants, not all MN applicants.

I stand corrected, yes a clean sweep

Same thought process. One additional point. For us it was supposed to be "let's see and never mind if doesn't work out". But it is still incredibly stressful, many more applicants, smaller chance of success, big chance of disappointment, DS set his haert on it, no other option, with it all to do again next year if doesn't work out. So rather than reduce stress, if it doesn't work, it will have doubled . So not sure I would recommend it ! Not if you are happy with primary at the moment ( we are not ).

But if all well on weds essay, may change my mind!

Shaded Mon 11-Feb-13 22:42:24

Ohdear good point. With the significant jump in numbers taking the City exam, from 110 to 200 this year, I agree that is no longer the easier/less stressful option.

hellsbelles Mon 11-Feb-13 22:54:57

Ohdear - you are so right. I thought it would be far less stressful than it has been. But i can only imagine that is multiplied many times over when they are taking the if there is a chance we've avoided that then it'll be worth it (and of course not worth it if he doesn't get in!)

Shaded - glad to hear it went well - I was relieved it wasn't such an intense interview as we would have expected (we assumed there would be an element of current affairs questions - but DS said he didn't get any).

Toomanyworriedsonhere Mon 11-Feb-13 23:15:14

I also thought it would be less stressful and it was okay until it became a real possibility with the interview.
I do think the 11+ is different because we would be going for more schools.

My negative thinking now is that if he doesn't succeed at this stage it's worse because we could do more work for future exams, but there's not much to be done if they don't like him at interview. And who could not love him at interview?!

Shaded Mon 11-Feb-13 23:16:29

Yes no current affairs, mainly academic and then questions about interests. Guess they recognise that they are only 9/10 after all.

hellsbelles Tue 12-Feb-13 09:36:17

Toomany. Too true - how could they resist!

I have heard mention that the interview is also about weeding out kids that have been tutored to within an inch of their lives (and therefore may not be able to keep up once in school).

There was one child at the exams that was in tears over the stress of it all and I hope that what they are doing is making sure that the ones they pick will enjoy and benefit from the school rather than always feeling stressed

Shaded Tue 12-Feb-13 09:42:39

Yep how could they resist our boys wink. Don't envy those doing the choosing; every boy I saw looked so intelligent.

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