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this must be the parpiest of parpiest article

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cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:27:34

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:28:45

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:30:39

Message withdrawn

beckybrastraps Tue 25-Apr-06 12:30:43

"I was one of the only mothers in my daughter’s class who had a full-time job. Consequently, they were the only children in the school being picked up by an au pair."

"It seemed to me that the private school we had just moved them from actually offered a wider social diversity than the state school."


cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:30:47

Message withdrawn

fastasleep Tue 25-Apr-06 12:31:11

But within six weeks I’d found a solution: I’d stop working in London, give up the au pair, and work from home; that meant a saving of £700 monthly, ie, the cost of one child’s school fees for a month. If we then rented out the au pair’s bedroom and let the cleaner go, that would just about cover both. Holidays, meals out and extracurricular activities for the children would also have to stop.


cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:31:11

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:31:51

Message withdrawn

frogs Tue 25-Apr-06 12:32:02

Read this online this am, so I was spared the boaters. Still spoilt my post school-run cup of coffee, though.

What, FFS, had they said to the poor child to make her wet the bed before she'd even started the new school? Clearly something along the lines of, 'Oh darling, I'm sorry we're going to have to take you away from your lovely school and throw you to the lions. You're bound to get beaten up every day, but I'm sure you'll get used to it".


fastasleep Tue 25-Apr-06 12:32:34



this is like the 'oh my god I'm in debt, should I sell one of my 7 houses' thing....

marthamoo Tue 25-Apr-06 12:32:53

That line made me pmsl, cod. What kind of weirdy child sobs about not doing "mental maths" at school ?

The writer just sounds terribly drippy and indecisive to me - take 'em out, put 'em back in. Why couldn't she and her husband have made the lifestyle changes necessary in the first place - and not made the child suffer the dreadful hardship of going to an ordinary school (not even a bad school...)?

cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:33:10

Message withdrawn

alexsmum Tue 25-Apr-06 12:33:25

they managed by getting rid of the aupair and the cleaner!!!
poor little florence!
and poor mummy having to clean her own kitchen floor!

parp indeed!

cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:33:59

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:34:18

Message withdrawn

beckybrastraps Tue 25-Apr-06 12:34:35

No - that Rosie Millard ISN'T selling her flat, because she'only make £80,000 after tax, so it's really not worht it!

robinpud Tue 25-Apr-06 12:34:42

fgs.. do you really belive she has taken a lodger? Why do they wear straw boaters.. is it to stop the knowledge fallng out of their heads? It's nice to know that the private school had equiped her to be an active and independent learner.. not. It's so nice to read an article that describes the whole picture and not just a distorted view....parp

marthamoo Tue 25-Apr-06 12:35:58

Some kids don't know they're born, do they? Too "squashy" in a class of 30. Ds1 is in a class of 34 in a classroom which would comfortably accommodate no more than 20. His teacher said she's so proud of the way they have learned to work around each other and have consideration for each other in what is, admittedly, a far from ideal setting.

cod Tue 25-Apr-06 12:36:09

Message withdrawn

SparklyGothKat Tue 25-Apr-06 12:36:10

What a twat... pmsl!!

beckybrastraps Tue 25-Apr-06 12:36:49

I still don't get the bit about parents and not au pairs picking up the children.

marthamoo Tue 25-Apr-06 12:37:04

No-one needs to get up at 5am to wash the kitchen floor, that's just silly.

foundintranslation Tue 25-Apr-06 12:37:17

The mental maths bit made me think it was a pisstake.

frogs Tue 25-Apr-06 12:37:20

Parpity parp.

Shucks, you pay all that money and your child never learns the most important lesson of all -- how not to be a precious princessy little drama queen.

charliecat Tue 25-Apr-06 12:37:36

No mention of the school that she herself went to. I bet she went to the local comprehensive and married an ugly fat rich man.

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